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I’m a human waste

I’m a human waste

I’m a bottom person.
But I want to serve someone.
It’s for self-satisfaction.
I don’t want to hear words of gratitude from others.
And I want to be a Christian who is happy to donate anonymously.
Eventually it may be a confession of oneself in the past.
I try to underestimate myself.
Previously, he overestimated himself and was self-indulgent.
It was a fool.
Being more objective, I am disappointed with the ugliness, low morals and personality of my appearance.
There you can notice the uselessness of self-investment.
No one is more stupid than I am.
However, the stupid person with high rare value is me.

Self-sacrifice or complacency

I don’t know about the future human face, voice, or personality.
And I feel like I’m going to hell if I don’t intend to sacrifice myself for something I don’t know exist.
But people only want complacency and a sense of superiority.
What do future people think of modern people who live with money, honor, superiority complex, and hedonism?
I’m a human waste, so even if I sacrifice myself, I can’t contribute to future people.
However, I am doing my best by reading the philosophy book.
I learned a clear future map of climate change.
Even if you keep the promise of the Paris Agreement, there is no guarantee that the earth will collapse due to climate change.
I thought about leaving the compressed video data to future people.
And I thought I wasn’t the hedonists who were delighted with the unimpressive products.
So I want to record that humans in the past also fought evil against hedonism.
I was really stupid because I believed in the story of a celebrity who said he liked cars with a good excuse.
He also vowed not to believe the stories of intelligent university professors and scholars.
In short, I am thinking of avoiding the suffering of the world after death at my own expense.

Bird food but for freedom and truth

It’s like bird food.
Eating habits under $ 5 a day is painful.
However, it is not a big life compared to the harsh environment submerged in seawater.
No animal or plant enjoys eating.
Is there fun to eat in the psychology of prey lions who bet on life and death?
Still, there are hundreds of thousands of cars running today.
My internal organs are relieved when I eat the same meal.
And you can get gratitude from the internal organs for the feeling of perfect physical condition.
I want to hit myself who bought an air conditioner a few years ago.
So I can’t find a vendor to buy the air conditioner.
It is okay for human waste to eat bird food because it is equivalent to bird food.
When I live, thinking that it is worth less than the life of a bird, I am freed from the pain of maintaining pride.
People who maintain their pride, status and honor do not show any pain.
However, there is definitely a back face there.
It seems that even a beautiful model has a fact that it gives off a stinky poop in the bathroom.

The comfort of the bottom

I got the label of an artist creating in a room in an old apartment on a rural street corner.
It becomes eternal.
The momentary praise from the other side and the continuity of the same work are the appearance of regular poop flowing in the toilet.
You can feel like you are the main character of a masterpiece movie in the quiet night view of the city in the countryside.
The ease of not having to worry about anyone is a treasure for urban people and people in the community.
I am happy that there is a straight road in front of me and I can walk, rest and run freely.
Beware of the humanity of the general public.
I am convinced that if you betray their humanity and get out of their greenhouse party space and choose suffering, you will later gain eternal glory.
Weekday artists who are desperately looking for a way to stop investing in more well-known companies and get free are just crap.

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