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I’m in love with Greta

I’m in love with Greta

I am in love with greta.
Her serious attitude towards environmental problems stimulates my serious sensibility.
I am paying attention to her attitude that not only caused the movement in a quiet society.
It’s doubtful if she’s taking any concrete action against global warming.

1. Is she not using the microwave?
2. Is she not using a dryer?
3. Is she taking a hot bath?
4. Is she not using the washing machine?
5. Is she not eating a warm meal?
6. Is she buying clothes?
7. Is she buying cosmetics?
8. Is she on the train?
9. Is she on the bus?
10. Is she not using the refrigerator?
11. Is she not using gas?
12. Is she using detergent?
13. Is she going to the driving school?

You should sacrifice your daily life

There is no point unless you continue your inconvenient life.
I actually see actions rather than words.
And self-sacrifice is the greatest proof of human justice.
I don’t trust the words.
And they don’t trust humans.
We trust in something more consistent than a living organism with sensitivity.
If she has a dirty daily life, she looks like a homeless person in Sweden.
If she chooses the same living attitude as the masses, I blame her.
And I will recognize her as a hypocrite.
A speech cannot stop global warming.
She will know that too.

Euro news

Every morning I watch information programs from Europe.
It can be viewed on Youtube.
I rarely watch information programs in my country.
Unfortunately, there is only one source from Europe to collect the latest worldwide information.
I certainly watch BBC and CNN, but if I select a fair information program, it is Euro news, DW news or France news.

There is only a copy of the opposite sex

There is no heterosexuality rich in character.
You can feel the charm of your way of life and posture.
And people who work on something with sincerity of spirit are wonderful.
Humans who can sacrifice themselves are strong and exemplary.
However, the only human beings on social media are brainwashed copy humans.
A robot, a human being manufactured at a factory, is danced by advertising media.
I don’t know the intention to fall in love with such a robot.

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