You may not realize that you are doing the same thing.
So I have to find a new style.
It starts with changing your habits.
Where does the creativity of office workers who think about planning at the company come from?
It is important to consider the source of the idea.
It’s not about copying the ideas of others, but about arranging them.
I think you should get a royal road method that is biased toward your own style.
I started working early this morning and stopped working around 8am.
It is not easy to proceed with the next deployment scenario while working.
If you use BGM and lines easily, it may become a rut.
That’s why I always think about each paragraph of work.

Plans and themes have been decided

In short, we are moving forward.
It is not efficient to publish the work every time it is completed.
The way to publish old works now would be justified.
Every day I devise the theme of climate change and human nature.
The rough planning of animation production has been completed.
We are looking for a novel expression rather than an epoch-making expression method.
However, it is really difficult to create emotions.
Intuition, perceptions, and values ​​change as we get older.
That’s why the animated characters I drew a few months ago are completely different.

Practice death if you concentrate

Sleep is a practice of death.
Lifeforms practice death every day.
It’s a story of having a near-death experience every day.
Every time you finish the practice of death, you can get new ideas and motivation again.
I am interested in the lives of fake artists who are selling products at a fast pace.
And I would like to see the process until the masterpiece is completed at a pace of one week.
But there is no such story.
Can I maintain the same concentration and workload as in the morning after eating lunch anyway?
Long hours work is suitable for the simple work of mass-produced office workers.
If you have an activist who sleeps less, that’s fine.
However, the element that stands out when it comes out is probably its own highly rare and mysterious part.

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