Immigrants in US

us population  

All american avarage data

Income $45000 
Poverty 13.5% 
Graduated of university 11% 
Lost job 5.5% 

The number of people who are living in US

Chinese 4948000 
Indian 3982000 
Filipino 3899000 
Vietnamese 1980000 
Korean 1822000 
Japanese 1411000 
Pakistani 519000 
Cambodia 330000 
Thailand 295000 
Laos 271000 
Bangla-desh 188000 
Myanmar 168000 
Nepal 140000 
Indonesian 113000 
Sri-lanka 60000 
Malaysian 30000 
Butan 24000 
Mongolian 21000 


Such a frankly appearance to other people is that disability to have communication with anybody I think.

What to keep doing something is truly importance item with lifetime and stabilizing own lifestyle from background and environment.

Us president who’s name is trump is for other nations that very clearing resolutions and then actual his active was always unusual mood for citizens.

I don’t like his abnormally character.

But it is policy on legal immigration and terrorists.

I know what they have to preserve us safety life from drug infested society and then it does working trump administration very well.

He trump prioritizes economic growth and energy independence over environmental protection

What the hell is gonna happened to this world? I could image it so.

In conclusion, we all nations who doesn’t speak English as first language should not to move to united state if possible.

Business spirit

I think we have to define own definition for each moments.

Such a definition makes us to control stabled schedule and don’t need to consider of next rescheduling anything.

After graduated I had been wandering of proceeding own way to real business man.

Maybe I think it’s about earning a lot is standing for demanders, consumers at first.

What to sell things or services for a lot of people is that emission of passion as same thing.

We need to become a economical analyst before begin own business as entrepreneur. More logically and more reality.

I guess America isn’t going to be change

In conclusion I guess the biggest economic nation us isn’t able to change finally.

It will must remaining same social system and keep taking risky on business life.

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