Immigration procedures


Immigration procedures

I would like to send some advice to people thinking overseas immigrants and think that I will write a blog this time. just because I have not yet succeeded in migrating abroad yet, I do not know whether it will be helpful or not, so it is up to you whether to make good use of this information.

1.Short term employment visa

Ok, well First of all, I would like to aim to get this visa. For example, this is a visa that I dont know about the local life of the immigrant there, and I think that it is the first visa to get those who do not have work experience or a trademark. I think that the shape that I actually imagine and the form of reality are different, and it is a fact that it is quite a difficult thing to suddenly aim for a permanent residence right form the beginning. The basic story is that it is inevitable that the local company hires foreigners it will be costly and the company is risk. Likewise, even for entrepreneurship or investment. The premise of this story is a procedure of immigration in overseas employment.

  2. Accommodation cost of 3 months or more

In fact while entering the country as a tourist visa strongly urge you to bring your stay fee till it is over the basic stay period.  Although it is not a nice thing to do job hunting at the site, since you are coming as a tourist visa, you can not enter the country for the purpose of locally hired job and talk to the immigration bureau. If you are unable to get a job past the length of your stay, you can leave the country and enter the country again with a tourist visa to do job hunting. I strongly recommend that you prepare in advance so that it will not be suspected by immigration bureau. Because it aim for overseas migration, it is a desperation to emigrate if there is a criminal record.

3. Get employment at work and get a working experience in there

If you have experience working locally it will make it easier to re employment. Such points also dominate the acquisition of permanent residence rights. Switch from a short term work visa to a tourist visa and make a local job hunting activity. In the meantime, you can make friends with local people, study local languages and improve your conversation.

4. Add days of stay to lead to acquisition of permanent residence rights

Because conditions of permanent residency acquisition of each country are unequivocally different, please investigate yourself

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