immigration & refugee & population

  • I wanna meet and live with refugees in my country.
  • I already prepare to discuss about immigration with refugees.
  • I am a single person who’s kind of global communicator in English.
  • I would have accepted any religion, race, cultures, for meeting.
  • But I know that not too easy to adjust each direction cause of differ motions.
  • It has the cost of raising refugees for a while after they start living together.

Heart to Heart

  • I should to take more punishments from god truly.
  • I feel like still holding unresolved guiltless since from a decade years ago.
  • About volunteering with refugee, economic crisis, devastated relations, and contributing for rural area, charities. Anyway I think I have to less other’s burdens.
  • Repetitive happens makes bored days to my dailies because of not tend to change an environment or around requirements for living.
  • What people would say is that …

The global population is on the increase.

  • Could you please access the key words “world population” or “ global population” on google chrome or whatever you used to do it?
  • How many people living on this earth?
  • How many people was born this morning and afternoon?
  • How many people died on each day?
  • It is difficult to put my feelings into words.
  • It’s about 7600000000 over so far.

So what do you think about such a number of population?

Where are we heading for?

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