I think it is important to leave an impression.
My current theme is to make videos and images that memorize people.
He recalls examples of strong impressions while educating himself.

Texas chainsaw massacre

The best masterpiece in horror film history is the Texas chainsaw massacre.
The strong impression of Leather face is very helpful.
I want to emulate the Western people who have such strong and bold expressions.
I’m an East Asian, so I don’t have the Western sensibilities.
I think it is impossible to make a strong impression on other races without abandoning the characteristics of relatively introverted East Asians.
Anyway, we have to ignore the expression that is flowing in the mass media.
It is important that you ignore your masterpiece and enter your own world.

one’s own world

I try to meditate before I start creative work.
In other words, you cannot create without entering your own world.
The first theme is to make a breakthrough expression based on the theme I want to convey.
Unless you reach the level where you can use Adobe products, you can not expand the range of expression.

Impressionist animation artist

I create as an impressionist animation writer.
Feel free to use taboo objects.
Youtube video thumbnails are the starting point for making an impression.
The thumbnails of my YouTube videos have been processed.
It may be called an animation writer not for children.
You can sympathize with the attitude of famous animator Miyazaki who does not treat children as children.
Animations that treat children are not interesting.
I want to express the modern human satire that is more than social satire and the existence or non-existence of humanity.

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