In front of trap


there are so many trap in society

There are two types gates, one is a largest gate which anyone is able to enter as easily.
Another one is that you can’t afford to enter as well as a largest gate, but it will be graceful conclusion after enter gate.

Narrow gate is goodness for you. So ignore a largest gate.
Well you know that around things which is willing to make you trap to lead you badly way.
I think that we all together always should be carefully in front of advertisements and dirty words you know.
Ok now I am poor person for you guys and I just proud of it within brave.
I noticed that generality is kind of victims for society and almost people will never seem to noticed importance thing.
Basically you and me are going to consume some material things for living but you know that,
you don’t have to pay it for unnecessary stuffs.
We need to pay it for permanent benefits stuff, no temporality stuffs or new things or something like fashionable items.
These stuffs are totally trap from satan, I mean that to buy unnecessary things every times is being victim by trap.

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