Increased creativity due to lack of information

Increased creativity due to lack of information

I was able to improve my creativity by restricting the Internet.
And I don’t remember unnecessary information in the past.
In other words, random information gathering is useless.
There is no important information.
It’s okay if you just remember the natural sounds and your favorite lessons.
The root of human beings is nature.
I believe in my sense organs.
And rely on intuition and do not refer to the senses and opinions of others.
I think it’s best to maintain your own pace without going against the crowd.
There are many places where we can improve, and I think we should continue to delete unnecessary habits and thoughts.
Watch your favorite Youtube videos 3 hours a day.
Completely shut down news information.
Exercise to maintain health and manage and maintain eating habits.
Anyway, we need to know the cause of the lack of creativity.

Insomniac everyday

If you can sleep well, you will feel better.
However, momentary momentum is necessary for creation.
Creating without passion or momentum is the same as factory assembly line work.
I have diarrhea and insomnia due to the burden of mental ups and downs.
However, I am convinced that if we overcome mental illness, we will surely get good results.
Mental illness is the greatest misery and sin of life.
However, it is not easy to exert mental strength in a state of despair.
I don’t have much mental power.
And I’m tired of simply repeating the same actions and thoughts.
When in a stressed state, do not intentionally try to release the stress.
It doesn’t maintain a quiet posture, it just lacks the physical and mental strength needed to relieve stress.
If you have the power to break things, it’s not a waste to sit in a chair and drink coffee.
I am proud to have experienced regular insomnia.

Lack of information

I was tired of collecting current affairs information around the world.
After all, we really don’t need the information of human beings who are in conflict with the idea of ​​selfishness.
I started a full-scale lack of information from November 2020.
There was no need to curb the desire for knowledge.
I realized that I was just collecting stress.
Do celebrity scandals and information on economic development contribute to the abundance of human life?
It is correct to absolutely ignore the information of the nation that advocates the idea that satisfying desires is happy.
I think it’s best to get up in the morning, wash your face, improve your health, and hope for a day’s work.

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