It has been noted that India will develop rapidly.
But what about the current situation in India?
In conclusion, India is maintaining the status quo.

Race personality

There are various characteristics of Indian race.
He has a particularly religious, conservative and rational impression of Indians.
This is a kind of prejudice.
Indians with over 1.3 billion people are familiar.
However, Indians are very curious and there is no image that they will challenge in various fields.
I think Indians have a high position in developed countries, just as Indians are in the UK.

domestic demand

I recognize that one of the conditions in developed countries is high domestic demand.
In other words, the countries that work abroad are not developed countries.
I think that one of the factors of the evidence of developed countries is that you can live a good life in your own country and carry out economic activities in your own country.
This is just my personal point of view.
There are various reasons for moving overseas.
Developing and emerging economies should increase their domestic demand before migrating to developed countries.
Sanitation management and infrastructure development are not perfect in all regions of India.
India, which has a very conservative tendency, should incorporate more foreign factors.


I think Indians are so interested in mathematics because they are rational.
I’m not stressed by their rationalism.
There is no denying the life of Indians whose Hindu teachings are fundamental.

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