Infinite information


Infinite information

It is certainly important to collect information every day.
But I think it’s good to recognize that there is a lot of information that you don’t know.
Because powerful information is born every year.
It’s hard to always search Google.
So It collects information in the morning and organizes the information input in the afternoon.

Interchange application other than Facebook

I think many people are dedicated to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And I don’t want to use apps that people who don’t really want to interact with.
So I deleted my major app account and launched my own site.
I think you should use apps from countries other than the US.
Recently started to use the exchange application developed in Europe.
If you use the language conversion function on Google, you can easily use applications from other countries.

Advertising field

I personally work mainly on blogs and Youtube.
But posting a good work on the Internet is meaningless because no one is watching it.
The thing to think about is marketing.
Being famous or wanting to be financially successful isn’t the purpose of my creative work, it’s not my desire.
It is how we can provide works to people of various races and nationalities.
I worked on painting a few years ago, but sending a painting campus by air to foreigners to see my work is a huge expense and time.
I do not deny such a classic style, but I think it is not good to refer to old ways while living in the real world.
That’s why the Internet is mainstream.
I usually advertise my blog site on YouTube videos.
They set themselves as a kind of product and promote themselves by themselves.
That’s a lot of fun.

Check PV with information every day

Useful information is the same as information on the number of visits to your blog.
Every morning I check the number of blog accesses in the bathroom.
We analyze the effects of posting on Youtube and the effects of posting photos in articles.
The main sources of information for me are mainly smartphones or personal computers.

Opponent’s reaction

I sometimes write other people’s Youtube comments.
Therefore, we check the reaction of the other party and also check the number of video views and blog access.
Anyway, the other person is his own mirror.
If there is no response, he has the consciousness of changing directions by changing to another method.
In short, self-esteem and others are different, just as subjective and objective are different.
Things that aren’t your favorite usually tend to be popular with others.
If you are not satisfied, there is no point in getting good reviews from others.
I want to make an effort to provide works and information that I and my partner are satisfied with.

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