Information vs disinformation

We gonna have to find fake news anytime

Yellow vest, climate emergency, stooging people, whatever they want to do

People who are resting their vulnerable bodies on Sunday

I think there are various things in the news of the shooting at a bar in Mexico, the arson by French demonstrations and the news of the death of an Irish girl.

What do all of you feel about the Ukrainian president and the news of the Sudan demonstrations and the news of the British warming strike?

I went to a restaurant with my family and I watched a video on Youtube that eats a delicious meal I try hard to keep my heart calm.

The values of happiness of those who can not shut up and accept the difficult future life are different from me because I was not merely a slave of desire.

I think that everyone has been trying to be in love as it is, to have sex, to use a lot of earth resources and to be an exciting feeling.

With a heavy burden on the heart, everyone is drinking as much as they think, and lives in accordance with their emotions as if going crazy, paralyzing a serious spirit.

We can not input all the information. Is it only silent to look at the image on the monitor?

As long as we unify our mind, we can seek freedom of space in search of silence, in search of meaning, and I keep the state of loneliness.

There seems to be curiosity and inquisitiveness, and it seems that we justify the barrage that we despise the reality and just do what we want to do.

I will finish my job hunting next week because I could do what I felt for the society and what I learned, and it is meaningless to find more job hunting.

From now on I felt that I would be more selfish and would have the same result unless I changed the method of the next challenge constructively.

I think that I have to spend a finite time for this life that is not forever and spend meaningful, high-moral time.

I remembered that I used to take a nap under the blue sky on Saturday during the lunch break of the foundry I used to work in the past, and to visit the park.

I may have a jealousy now and be a little nervous to break through anyway in mental pain.

I turn off the television and make all the noise I feel the meaninglessness of the mechanical production activity and I admire the past history.

I am sleeping every night reading important God’s teachings while flipping through the thick New Testament pages one by one.

I feel great to be fond of people, but I have decided that I can not afford to live ignoring the current global environmental issues and the political issues of the world.

Because most of life is bored and universal time, everyone wants to learn mental excitement and kills theoretical thinking.

The people passing by in front of my eyes are already visionary and I have a parting relationship with them forever as an existence of vision for them.

It feels like it’s a bit frustrating that what we can do now just work for personal love and dreams, and there is no romance.

Human beings all over the world adjust stress stability and realize stress or anger to complain and release stress.

If I’m tired, unthinkable or depressed I will stop working and sleep in my case.

Occasionally, I sometimes try to understand and understand the mentality of people who ignore love calls and comments.

The intentions of crossing human beings become good and bad things and human relations have words and attitudes.

It is not because the revitalization of the global economy is the reason that the concept of nationalism is thought to be reminiscent of something outdated.

I think that the difference to the individual’s view of life is inevitable, and if everyone does not follow dignity, human existence will not hold.

It seems that it is becoming difficult to improve the rarity of National in the midst of an increasing number of people coming and going in and out of the country in the current era.

I think that globalization is about eliminating elements of rarity, such as rare races and nationalities, and the number of objects of interest will be diminished.

I take a snack at noon, stop collecting information, do acupuncture, write an article, and rest slowly in the quiet afternoon space.

While everyone is working and learning every day, I am self-enlightenment so as not to incorporate elements that would only be a burden.

It is best to greet tomorrow without leaving the day after work and we can not smile because we can not afford mentality when we are working.

I feel that if we all cook up and get rid of egoism in a thrifty life, we will surely be able to create a good society, is this strange?

I think about the big change in my life from the viewpoint of micro and macro, I solve my trouble and rethink the solution.

It is necessary to worry that it may be misunderstood or greatly damaged by simply interpreting things with a begging micro perspective or a world view.

By thinking things in a big view, I think that troubles seem stale and I can live forward with bigger goals.

Someone is born or dead somewhere happy today or angry or sad.

I am alone in a small room and trying to keep my independence by my muscular, stoic lifestyle.

Do you seriously think that you want to continue working even if you are elderly or want to continue to love your old life partner?

I plan to migrate to rural areas of the country for farming if I do not have the resources needed for realistic goals by the age of 45.

I do not want to continue to overwork the body and continue to live urban life until I die I will draw the boundaries of possibilities.

It’s dangerous to have a foolish idea of traveling around the world and talking about romance, and I may have begun to feel short in life.

We expect that charity and political participation may no longer be bothersome in the spirit of the urban people in the state of ultimate egoism.

One day is a space of 24 hours, so should we simply repeat the morning and the night to see off?

I think it’s not a good thing to watch TV and internet videos all day long at home.

I live by thinking that the main cause of the corrupt spirit of the world is the result of continuing fulfilling our desires.

I may have been able to live to this day to lose sight of myself by not changing attitudes that are cautious, timid and negative to anything.

I cherish a sense of crisis that I have to judge things carefully so as not to be affected by Japanese commercialism.

I think and I am convinced that I think that my way of thinking is strange and foolish for ordinary people and is not a reference example.

I would like to work hard in the consciousness that I will not be deceived by the same adult as a realist, clarifying the mischief and misunderstanding without asking God.

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