The days when I get up at 2:00 in the middle of the night and start work and finish work at 6:00 in the early morning.
I feel that recent public expressions require only answers.
And I want to add a field to find the answer in my work.
Why am I alive?
I don’t want to share a great time.
Have the desire to simply survive out of common sense.
I think it’s better to solve the problem at hand while adding jokes.
It is very difficult to use common sense and insane.
Some kind of expression has a sense of martial arts.
I am proud to feel today’s moment.

I’m off the base

Not enough energy.
I think it’s useless if it’s not broken.
And I am not creating to meet the expectations of others.
However, even on windy days, roadwork is essential.
There are no good days.
When you can’t find anything in the morning or get a good idea when you get up in the morning, it’s a daily occurrence.
Still, I don’t want to quit expressing.
Why keep paying application rentals and server fees even if I lose money?
Because I want to express it.
It is not easy to come up with new ideas as the ideals rise.
I live in a Japanese apartment.
It’s not just to focus on creative activities.
There are parts that are really committed to something different.

Child’s heart

Adults who do not have good faces should regain their children’s hearts.
You may be called a strange adult.
Passion for what you like and avoid what you dislike.
But why do humans exist?
I think pure children’s hearts are pure feelings.
The existence of adults moving on time is creating society.
I may not be the foundation of society.
I think that people passing by at the intersection have learned the same lessons from life.

Given common sense, I feel like I want to commit suicide

Watching a YouTube video of a family delightfully.
The depiction of the baby’s laughter and the pure pleasure of boys and girls is really healing.
The spirit rots in everyday bad problems.
If you have the common sense, you haven’t made Youtube videos, and you haven’t blogged.
He works creatively based on insane thinking.
Everyone ends up with a profit purpose.
I would like to penetrate my personality with a willingness to lose rather than do unwilling and unpleasant activities on the condition of securing profits.
You may be able to retain insaneness because you understand the lonely system well.
I can’t live according to the mood of others.
I think the main axis is my obedient feelings.

Reset mind

I recommend you to reset your mind first.
If you want to change your life seriously, I think the first step is to break the old thinking circuit and hear the mention of a person living the ideal life.
I think it is important to abandon the idea of ​​nature formed by DNA.
And there’s no reason to venture into this wide world, and maps are not needed for life’s adventures.

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