You shouldn’t feel special about a realistic crazy event.
And I feel universality in the incredible daily coverage.
It’s very difficult to express.
And service activities that impress and motivate others are not just tricks.
He continues his creative activities, expecting good ideas every day.
I’m thinking about madness.
The act of suddenly doing something that humans do not do is recognized as an abnormal behavior.
So crazy events are blamed.
But you can recognize that you are restraining yourself by crazy behavior.
I myself have been living lonely for decades.
Sometimes the monotonous and boring human style can be stressful.
But I can’t die.
I choose to prolong my life, eat food, drink and sleep.


Some kind of animated characters may be my clowns.
They have no free will.
If I don’t control them on the marionette, I can’t save them.
They don’t demand anything from me.
I want to meet their demands but they are just waiting for my lead.
And I began to realize that human beings are creatures that sometimes dance crazy without breaking the universal human depiction.
However, the clown is actually making someone laugh with sadness.
You have to understand the ruthless back part of the circus.
The clowns are the same as humans, who continue to deceive their feelings on the surface while hiding their sorrows.


Why do you feel ashamed to expose something?
It is a proof of being aware of the perspectives and perspectives of others.
So people suddenly switch from subjective to objective.
I am interested in that habit.
But it is necessary to abandon the habits of the masses and stick to the subjectivity.
I think it would be interesting to switch to a new way of life.
If you go crazy, don’t bother anyone.
The characteristics of things change depending on the passive person.
I think that we, the active people, should simply send out honestly.
And I think it’s okay for others to think about things for themselves.

Jack Nicholson’s Shining

Everyone has a part of human madness.
It is important to admit it.
A society governed by the law does not admit madness.
But the world of art needs madness.
The creator turns into a crazy person and creates a masterpiece.
For creators, consideration of relationships with family, friends, and daily life is an obstacle.
The portrayal of a crazy man played by Jack Nicholson is exactly what I’m looking for in a human nature.
I think it’s difficult to make a masterpiece without sacrificing yourself.

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