Inside the house


Inside the house

People are doing various things in the house.
Modern people play TV, Internet videos and video games.
And they do interpersonal communication without releasing their smartphones.
In order to work in the house, you have to prepare the environment.
I’m happy to work in the house during the cold winter.
I think people find it even cumbersome to delete accounts.
It is true that many young people are shooting to post videos in a cluttered room.
The reason I can’t concentrate is because there is no tension.
Working in the house can eliminate the time spent traveling to the work place.
Cycling outside in the cold outside is painful and wasteful.

Home environment

It is no exaggeration to say that the home environment forms human life.
The worst case is when you can’t control the relationships and privacy in your home.
Anyway, the house is the place where people spend the most time.
Don’t look for an environment that is too comfortable.
We have eliminated tools and home appliances that are useful for uniting our spirits.
That’s why I can make animations and write blogs every day.

Long-term home environment diagram

Concentration cannot be increased in homes that are too wide in the United States or Australia.
Stress can easily build up in homes in Japan and Bangladesh that are too narrow.
I think you should live alone to remove the stress of relationships as much as possible.
I feel nonsense for single people to keep pets.
The stress of loneliness does not cause anger.
However, the friction of human relationships and the occurrence of problems create anger stress.
Do you want to live with stress both in your home and in society?
I think getting short-circuited spiritual exhilaration is addictive to life’s traps.

Create tranquility in the house

It’s happy to feel the quiet time.
What is the luxury of using a finite amount of time in life?
I think imagine various things freely without stress.
There are many people who stop their desires and start to seek them again.
Children cannot create a home environment.
That’s why I thought I should immerse yourself in creating an environment when I grow up.
And I feel happiness by creating a space inside the house that is isolated.
But I haven’t been able to control my mind to work in the house yet.
The challenge for the future is to create tension in the house.

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