Why people are crazy about instagram which is most populous application tool on web I think and this is connecting with business for us actually. As you know that 1 liked and sales will occur and some people are make a living by instagram I heard. But I almost never intend to post every time I see it, I am kind of conservative thinker and I originally don’t like get in fashion or trendy cultures. Cautious view is seeing circumstance behind of big corporations and I just doubt it how facebook make a money is. is there many complexly systems on business between facebook and users who does make a living by instagram. You see such as curious thing which people have already used to see each pictures to communications and then is it really kind of worthy oral communication? Honestly almost populous applications are same look like radical function to our enjoyment I think. Finding contentment in the life is our goal and modern people are may found such as amazed tool in this era. I reckon more over majority’s application which used to use convey each emotions is very increasing in our lifecycle. Also people tend to make a living by free applications. It is feasible way to make a living to our sense of money and I think other likely instagram will be appear on SNS every single years. But you know previous on my blog that it is the most important thing for living a lifetime that is permanent ideas ands plans, you see I am not sure that it is possible to keep on a living and saving money for a long time. Infant there is nobody made it as role model to us. I meant that still not appear an instagramer as successor. I don’t think it is easy way to keep on doing that until been over 60 or 70 years olds except some people who had already made big funds not to need to work any more. I don’t have precise dates and so I need to scrutinize that.

It must time’s changed to make a living for public citizens I think so, and other people think so too. Not be late for trending in fashionable for living in further future that is might be unable to survive in anywhere. Uhhh.. it’s very hard to concern about people’s expectation gap between reality and virtuality. In my opinion that to earn to fost a family by web business is not too easy for us and actually I never met such a persons who knows about me ever before. I can’t define the meaning of web business style right now. Such a tremendous annoy thing is unstably tendency in people’s moral. I feel like the conventional way of living is changing every single year. Need to prepare to have completed strategies in games and in our lifetimes and always we have to recognize good section to settle the problems quickly. Maybe it seems to be blissfully enjoy a lot of SNS application’s entertainments in house and young people are seeking for newly cultures in order to reassure mind. There is an undeniable link between instagram and people. It looks the morbid habit for me. 

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