Modern people’s insurance

National Health Insurance
National pension
Life insurance
Car insurance
Fire insurance
Earthquake insurance
Cancer insurance
Welfare pension
Pension pension

We are seeking compensation
And most people are avoiding risk
Well I think peace and security are precious things
But people find curiosity about dangers and vices
My insurance is National Health Insurance, Social Insurance, National Pension and Welfare Pension
It is happy to live in a peaceful nation

National Health Insurance fee $ 100 monthly
National pension $ 160 monthly
Social insurance fee $ 90 monthly
Labor accident insurance $ 10 monthly

How much is your monthly pension?
Can I travel by pension life?
Should we not do production activities just before death?
I am convinced that I can not live a pension life in old age
In other words, it is important to accept the fact that you have to work until you die
I do not have the energy to marry or make children
ASMR is effective for daily work fatigue
Insurance premium and attitude are proportional
Challenger and security are in conflict

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