Intent to keep releasing the work

I am convinced that always showing my work on the Internet can expand my life possibilities. That’s why I publish my work on YouTube and blog sites at least once a month. I think this experience can be a wonderful achievement and enrich your life. Of course, the quality of the work must not be reduced, and it is important to keep the masterpiece published. However, if you’re worried about making a piece, it’s a good idea to announce the one you’re stocking.

Other people’s evaluation is quantified

I don’t really use the comments of viewers. Since the evaluation of the work is quantified, data analysis is easy. You can watch the number of views on Youtube, or check the number of PVs on a blog. Google’s algorithm evaluation has also been added.
Don’t just be satisfied with your self-assessment. I personally think that self-evaluation and others’ evaluation are absolutely different.

Developmental disorders and lack of concentration are genius pedigrees

I’m always willing to overestimate myself. I don’t think the attitude of an artist who has a strong desire to reveal himself is definitely correct. Anyway, you can feel the significance of life by presenting your work and leaving it in your mind. I do intensive creative activities every morning in the morning, and go for a walk in the afternoon with a little work. Then watch your favorite Youtuber video at night and go to bed after reading the Bible. This life rhythm is the foundation of my own artist life.

You should also announce the works with your warehouse

I believe that all works should be released. I am willing to publish works that deal with social satire and sexual themes. Anyway, I find it interesting to describe and express myself as it is. There is a possibility that the public will get high praise for announcing a bad work.

Intent to keep fighting the problem

I specialize in human-themed works. In other words, I do not want to suppress self-expression simply to have the surface evaluated.

I realize that the most important thing is to do what no one is doing.

I want to draw on the pains of my life based on my experiences in life. The animation theme I’m working on is a lonely person who keeps fighting the issues of life. That’s just my story. wanna keep working as artist.

I’m not performer.

Take an example with music
Lank A → Artist

Lank B → Musician

Lank C → Performer

Obstacles during creative activities

I do not watch internet news.
Lack of information on international and domestic situations and global social issues.
It is enough to know the big news in one line.
I have stopped clicking on news sites.
The Internet is just a tool, but not a plaything.
I would recommend that you never refrain from doing random searches on the Internet.
The obstacles during the creative activities are news, gossip, celebrities, television, radio, newspapers, and small talk.

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