Intention to resume posting on Youtube


Intention to resume posting on Youtube

The stock of animation video frames for more than half a year has accumulated.
To be honest, the quality of past animated videos is low.
It reveals inexperience.
I resumed posting on Youtube because I want to announce the reflection of the technical part and warn.
Sometimes I simply enjoy the expression.
I’m posting a video that represents the animated world for a few seconds.
I don’t feel like posting meaningful videos.
I just want to post a video to give you some peace of mind.
It depicts the emotions of the animation cast, including the story.
It is very difficult that the condition for producing a feature-length animation is to work alone.
You can’t complete it without a few years of working time.
Especially I have a hard time drawing the background.
The main expression is the depiction of the emotions of the animation cast.
That’s why I’m thinking of refraining from making backgrounds.

One post daily

I plan to post Youtube videos every day.
But a few months later, I’ll start stocking videos again.
I’m already making a video for next year.
It is predicted that the production progress will be delayed very much next year.
I think it is ideal to publish expressions on a regular basis.
The content and quality of Youtube videos posted every few weeks are the same as past videos.
Creative works are not factory-produced products.
We recognize that it is a creation to surface human emotions for a moment.
The basic routine is irregular and the physical condition is rugged.
It was professed by a famous singer-songwriter.
I can assure you that recent movies, music and novels are boring because there is no sadness, suffering or pain.
The videos accumulated in the past are premiered.
Please watch my Youtube video to affirm yourself.

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