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It is difficult to get married internationally in a single race state

I tried to access a dating site a few days ago
Of course I tried to check for free membership registration
The conclusion is that it is not natural to marry internationally in a single race state

Most list women are Asian

More than 90% of women are Asian women in the site
Whites, blacks and Hispanics fall into a few categories
Because I live in Japan, I can realize that Japan is a single-racial nation
Japan’s first language is Japanese, which is completely different from the English language system
Naturally most Japanese can not speak English
Is it because I think the Japanese people are fluent in English and they look so funny?
I think I have to look for foreigners who are familiar with considerable Japanese culture

International love for the purpose of racial differences is disrespect

I feel that it is an imprudent motive to seek international love and international marriage simply for the purpose of the appearance of the race
Love and marriage are decided by judging humanity
I do not want to find a life partner simply by appearance or race

Reasons for many international marriages with Koreans

I feel that there are many Korean marriages
However, if you grasp the state of the nation of Korea, you can be convinced by the statistics of international marriage of Koreans
In short, many Koreans want to migrate abroad
Korea’s first language is not English, but Korea is an Asian single-race nation like Japan
Korea and Japan are not nations where international marriage is established naturally

Northeast Asian countries isolated

I can understand the current situation in Korea where the market is mainly overseas
But I expect Japan and Korea to stay the same
Europe, North America and South America are longing for a nation without peripheral countries

Tropical resort sightseeing spot
Resource-rich magnificent land
Immigrant nation established in multi-racial nation
It is difficult to attract people of other species while in the environment
In fact, very few non-Asian people live in Japan and Korea

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