International Romance Scam

International Romance Scam

Bribery of international marriage fraud
There are a lot of scammers in the social media who pretend to be a cupid of love
We need to pay close attention to paid sites

People who are longing for international marriage
Longing for other races
However, we can not ignore the real problem

It is concluded that 90% of dating sites are fraudulent

Most dating sites are paid sites
The first use of the site is free but users must understand the system to be charged later
People are seeking encounters with the opposite sex
Love and marriage established by both feelings

90 days fiancé lessons

If you want to understand the difficulties of marrying foreigners, you should look at the 90 days fiancé of the American TVshow
I feel that there are too many obstacles to the various realities of international marriage
The state of international couples who are upset between intelligence and emotion is a masterpiece
Sweet honey taste of development and bitter taste of real coffee beans

International Dating and Ways for International Marriage

Do not use dating sites or dating apps
I think that the convenience of Facebook and Instagram can not produce good results

I have no choice but to meet and talk

Talk to the opposite sex in a local park or event
If I drink alcohol and dance cheerfully at an event, I think that the probability that the other sex talks will be high
You can dance while listening to your favorite music with headphones

We define love and marriage as a natural phenomenon
I think things are the things that naturally hold true and I think that is fate
If there is someone you like, you can only meet and talk and confess your love

I can not convey love in electronic letters
All you have to do is to confess your love by looking at the other’s eyes
I think the primitive and classic courtship method is the most effective

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