Interracial relationship

Interracial relationship part2

Interracial couple 

Seriously it doesn’t easy to consist of owning each other’s happiness for a long time and we all human should be patient for getting it through as work. What to live together for a long time is seem to be likely stressfully life and actually there are so many divorces between parents in any countries. 

Firstly we need to rethink over of what is truly happiness life for us before trying to seek for a person who is willing to be life’s partner. Therefore it will cost to use some unfree applications to do it and also you will take some risky.

Difference character and background of where two persons had grown and trendy point of view

There are absolutely problems between interracial couples and I know that we wanna able to expect to get beautifully and uncommonly or unreality marriage but I don’t think that. Such a realism is able to help you to get it through and on other hands in some people case that what to consider of present’s peasants without a cause. Usual people’s theory with life is may likely short running and anyway what to spend pleasure times is everything for human. So that it feels like out of control with desires and they just always look like seeking for all of pleasant or something like physically desire. The validity judge for me that is acknowledging selfishly of oneself before upset something because it is difficult to grow up when you might to desire anything whatever you want. If you can afford to acknowledge your miserably things you are also supposed to acknowledge other people too. What to get marriage is necessary to take an opportunity and also I feel like such a fate tends to lead our process of life.


It’s the most important thing to live with foreign partner is about visa. In any case that need to get permanent residence visa for living other country. 

  1. Work permit visa
  2. Investment visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Fiance visa
  5. Other visa

It’s the best easily way to get simply visa is finance visa I think but for men that is not easily way. Anyway if you get married with foreigner and you suppose to move partner’s country you are absolutely going to get visa for it. Surely it is problem to not able to speak English or foreign language which partner’s my language. I am not exactly sure about that you can check immigration of website out for it. After that you’ll have to renew visa every few years. Depends on state I guess but what to emigrant country which differ cultures and life of habits or gap of economic power between tow person’s nation actually. 

What is happiness life?

  • I would love to ask people about happiness life. What should we prioritize first? 
  • We need to work for living. We need to struggle to survive on civil society as man.
  • We can’t afford to foster many people except oneself. And then I often rethink over of happiness life for us.
  • What if you can’t own a lot of money for pleasure? I try to ask myself about honesty motion when I’ve lost something.
  • All of thing is reasonable for us and need to think logically and emotionally in case by case.
  • What to fall in love with someone is the best of human’s desire I think so.
  • I guess our answer for happiness life that is taking moment which loving each other is.

Sunrise and sunset

Which is better sparkly thing, sunrise or sunset for yourself?

Recently I’ve learned some new applications to create and express something. My bed time is about 9 pm to 10 pm and I wake up in early mooring. And I often view beautiful sunrise every morning. Then I think what different is between sunrise and sunset somehow. 

I’d rather to listen sound nature music as viewing sunrise and a couple minutes later that I suppose to make a cup of coffee for breakfast. It is kind of part of my newly lifestyle of habits. Just making comfortably daily cycle for myself and I feel like I’ve got many olds.

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