Interracial relationship


Interracial relationship

Interracial friend as a foreigner

I want interracial relationshipOriginally I am very interesting about foreignersThere are so many differ points between each races

Honestly sometimes I am having disappoint in my race’s sense of humor, then I just suppose to annoy own differ sense from differ races. Many times I had admired each race’s suitably things and my vision is going to focus on their activities or appearance in their lifecycle. 

 I am an asian of east and I think my character is definitely stereotype of asian. Once I was very proud of being asian while stayed hometown until 19 years and I had never noticed truly things about global topics or something like it because I wasn’t interesting about foreign things until I have been crazing about foreign cultures since when I was around 22 or 23 years old. All of why I am very interesting about it that is I had shocked such a strongly impact of Hollywood entertainment which they white or black, hispanic people seem to be differ same human being and then I was disappoint in my nation’s policy of government very much and I was looking forward to finding something like wished thing out to stand up for myself. Absolutely foreign cultures were saved me from disgusted society. In the beginning of closing foreign thing that I have started to restudy and relearn English to have conversation with foreigner. Anyway I just wanted to absorb their differ sense of value or ideologies as much as foreign students in other countries. Also I was about to watch Hollywood films within English subtitles to read difficulty English words and at same time it can be make sure about exact pronounce and accents for me. What to learn and watch is the best of way I think.

Snail mail

Back to 2010 that I started to exchange snail mail with foreign friends who have known me on website. You know the populously and good song, please mr postman who was singed by the Beatles, so I had been to the world of that song. I was hugely excited to receive snail mail every times.

 But such as analogy communication is too late for keep on having good relationship each other. It was ended up after a years since started to do it.

There are so many usefully applications to have relationship on websites this era for modern people.

Each friendship’s level

It is easy to exchange each a little informations as friend. But it isn’t easy to keep remaining good relationship with foreigner who lives too distant place, in fact I have a British friend and it is too cost to move for each other’s economy. So if you wanna very closely friendship with them you gonna have to move friend’s country and in the beginning that you have to live for a long time as university’s student or foreign entrepreneur I think. Basically for us foreigner’s existence that is sometimes disorder and alien being. Knowing each other’s name or address is easily thing but it doesn’t work to be moreover closely friendship. You see we all people need sometimes fighting or discussing or disputing with something for getting better relationship.

At last

This is kind of especially way of having relationship for general citizens who doesn’t interested in any foreign cultures or so. What I am struggling to understand about foreigner’s sense is noting for them I think but this is truly destiny what I have noticed such as sensationally of foreign cultures.

I never regret about spending with foreign friends. I am satisfied to have know each other with them.

But somehow I have never got some kind of deeply friendship with foreign friends so far. I guess I’ve never got lucky to meet a person who has same empathy with me. Once I was fell in love with a person who comes from south American’s nation, and then I had been wandering if I should confess my own motion or keep on having behave myself as a foreign friend. In conclusion, our relationship was totally broken up. You know that I’ve chosen to confess her my own motion but her appearance was signing “no”. Somehow she has never said to me “no” directly. I feel that she is kindness.


Times changed while I didn’t notice an applications of community.

It’s almost 5 years ago that I’ve started to use facebook for exchanging informations and in the beginning I was very admired such as usefully tool. But I don’t use facebook as much as my around friends. 

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