My word today

Small investment is meaningless

For me meaningless actives are purchasing and participating any party and finally small investing.
You know investing is many things that to do paying or acting or taking time for something.
Well I think such as small acting and small paying and taking small risk are not willing to have an effect.
If you want to have an effect for success, you need to take a big risk that to ensure long term for education and invest huge amount and bold behavior are.

Winner has big risk

Half-finished behavior and thinking are the worst patterns.
Someone told that the point of make a lot of money as business marketing man, you must change way of thinking.
This topic isn’t about explain it how to make success in business.
I mean it’s not an effect thing that we would like to change and refresh life.
And then usual people maybe afraid to make a big decision and to act quickly and leave stably situation.

No risk No return

It’s my method to make progression

Study → Execution → Analysis
Just repeat this series of steps is ultimate progression for me.

You must make sure before you make a big game

It means Education first and repeating this method is make you growing up to delete risk.
I think so that.
Thank you

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