Invisible goal


Invisible goal

We are heading for an invisible goal.
I endure a race where I don’t know when I will reach the goal.
And I wonder if life needs insurance.
Life insurance increases your fear of death.
If you are satisfied with your daily life, you will be happy.
It would be wise to cultivate a momentary deterrent so as not to increase unnecessary problems.
I thought about art theory.
And I recognize that artists don’t even have the money to buy bread.
Rich artists are businessmen, not artists.
So I don’t think Picasso is an artist.
Many people praise the obese Spanish painter, but I don’t feel anything about his creations.
It is accompanied by its own existence.
I am convinced that the work completed by Picasso’s creative activities when he was struggling on the washing boat.
Artists should work with the financial support of the rich.
However, I feel that few rich people invest in art today.
Everyone is crazy about the fun of food.
It means working for food entertainment.

It’s hard to live. .. ..

Certainly it is difficult to live.
However, life is not just for food, clothing and shelter.
I think human beings were born to be impressed by something.
So don’t really forget about the meaning of life.
Everyone is too obsessed with the things in front of the real society.
It’s a phenomenon that is always there.
What is a human testimony?

Human testimony

Take care of the process of moving towards an invisible goal.
It’s normal to feel sick of repetitive work.
Don’t wander, but it’s never good to keep up with the fixed situation.
I think that the inconvenience of undeveloped electricity hundreds of years ago will increase creativity and creativity.
It’s hard to sleep on a cold floor in winter with a thin blanket.
But I think the flowers of happiness will bloom because I ignore modern greenhouse tools, advertisements and remarks.

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