Irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder

Irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder

There is an illness that causes poor physical condition despite the fact that the body is normal.
I have a mental illness.
There are various ways to deal with it.
However, he is thinking about various ideas and himself in a situation where he cannot work or create creatively.
Suffering from self-loathing.
Tranquilizers and sleep saved me while pleading guilty to myself.
And while I haven’t come up with any ideas, I’m still in a state of distress.
I feel that the hospital is a strangely safe place.
My task, working in poor physical condition every day, is to become an ordinary person.
Further creative activity may further exacerbate irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
Do I have to choose a life that is not productive and just consumes?
You must not increase your loneliness without coordinating with others.
Is it still necessary for humans to make friends, dating, and get married?
I’m worried about my future choices.
I can’t find a way to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
The reason is that each cure method and therapy is different.
I have expressed myself freely with animation, but it is not evaluated.
Even after the age of 40, creative activity is a tough choice despite having irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
However, there is no guarantee that irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder will be cured by becoming an ordinary person.

1.5 meals a day

I miss the era of three meals a day.
Mental instability and gastrointestinal upset cause loss of appetite.
He controls the daily intake of intestinal regulators, tranquilizers and Chinese herbs.
But tranquilizers and sleeping pills are essential.
Lack of sleep further exacerbates irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorders.
Fruits and vegetables are salvation foods.
As of July, the weight of 73 kg has now been reduced to 65 kg as of September.
This is because I switched to one meal a day.
A good night’s sleep, tranquilizers, intestinal regulators and a healthy diet counteract irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorders.


I learned that life is determined by ties.
It all started when I visited a nearby church and received a scripture.
If we don’t change our mindset, the unchanging state will continue.
It seems that all situations are established by ties and there is no fate.
I think that talking and sharing is one of the natural remedies for myself who suffers from mental illness.
Well I’m dissatisfied with my own edge, but I have no choice but to accept this edge as a fact.
It is an adult’s proof to deal with things rationally by distinguishing between ideals and reality and knowledge and emotions.
I used to run into unreality and utopia like a child.
Will this edge make my life bloom?

Originality and poor internal organs

Hear stories of artists like Beethoven and Van Gogh having bad internal organs.
The experience of suffering mental damage from daily creative activities and taking the risk of mental illness is valuable.
By staying estranged from the people around them, they may suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
Every time I see a depiction of enjoying a meal on an internet video, I envy it.
I have been under extreme stress since 2010.
It turned into a mild physical symptom in 2014 and made me sick.
I am proud of myself, who has worked in the factory for more than 8 hours for 4 years in an unexplained physical condition.
Should I have abandoned my beliefs and obeyed the orders of the people around me?
Even if I lived a life that didn’t suit me, I think I ended up suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
In other words, I myself had a connection between irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
It’s just that the cost of child support for financial damage is the cost of treating mental illness.
It’s amazing that Beethoven continued his creative path while fighting illnesses such as deafness and stomach ulcers.
Mental illness will be inevitable for legendary artists.
Of course, human beings in modern society may suffer from mental illness due to social stress.
The only way artists can cure illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder may be successful.
I feel that there are only two options, evaluation of the creation or change of life as an ordinary person.

Change your habits

1.I stopped running and started eating.
2.I stopped the evening walk and changed to a night walk.
3.I changed my hairstyle from long hair to shaved head.
4.I felt that my physical condition would not change if I continued my habits.
5.I am watching the situation by changing my work, environment, habits, and thoughts.
I think it’s best to learn the methodology and deal with it easily and without waste.
And I feel that the same thing corrupts my thoughts and myself.
On the other hand, I realized the importance of changing and stopping by making creators who eat, talk, sing and dance as teachers.
If you stay alert and relax and go out, you won’t have an accident.
I stopped updating my blog and focused on animation production.
And I think it’s important to continue because it can be irregular.

Mental clinic

I felt uncomfortable in his throat in September 2013.
It was the beginning of the first psychotic symptoms.
At that time, I was devoted to emigration and international exchange, and it happened a few months after I attended a Christian church.
As a result of being examined at an otolaryngology hospital, there were no abnormalities.
After that, he was diagnosed with depression at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine.
I was working for a company at the time, but I suffered from throat discomfort that I couldn’t concentrate on my work.
And I requested a leave of absence from the company and decided to study abroad.
This is a story of aging, but I studied abroad without permission without home medical treatment.
It is highly possible that depression would have continued if he had been treated at home.
Anyway, I clearly remember living with dissatisfaction with the current situation and the surrounding environment.
Due to the idea of ​​perfectionism and idealism, it was not possible to match the values ​​of the people around us.
After a month of studying abroad, the throat discomfort of depression disappeared after returning to Japan.
Currently there is no throat discomfort.
Considering this experience, it can be understood that mental illness can be cured by changing the environment once.
That’s why I’m serious about changing the current environment.
In fact, he has lived in the city for eight months from March to October 2019.
It moved to the city for job hunting.
At that time, the physical symptoms improved.
However, when he returned to his hometown and lived in a dissatisfied environment, his physical symptoms worsened.
Irritable bowel syndrome, a gastrointestinal upset, is a particularly painful condition.
Occasionally palpitations and lower body discomfort occur, but irritable bowel syndrome continues proudly.
He is seeking to change the environment as he eats less and loses weight.
However, it is not easy to cure this mental illness in a situation where people cannot move freely in the coronavirus society.
There is a fact that a completely different environment, language and cultural encounters have cured my depression in the past.
I think it’s because my wish came true and I was able to do what I wanted to do.
It is difficult to deal with the invisible mind.

Soliloquy mental care

Speaking can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome.
If it is difficult to change the environment mentioned above, we must find a way to deal with other mental illnesses.
I tried walking, bathing and sleeping, but I can’t alleviate it.
There I discovered a soliloquy therapy.
Anyway, speaking has the effect of mental care.
It’s a very creepy condition.
In my case, I live alone and speak to myself in a single room.
Sometimes he talks about his own worries and philosophies in front of the mirror.
This has a very healing effect.
I don’t know if soliloquy will actually cure the physical symptoms.
However, there is no point in building relationships other than soliloquy unless there is someone who can freely confess.
I went to the local community and tried interpersonal communication, but I couldn’t feel the effect.
It is not effective simply listening to others.
After all, if you do not speak yourself, your spirit will not be relaxed.
People talking to the camera lens on Youtube don’t seem to be wrong.
That is the mental stability of Youtubers.
However, it is a pity that the number of views of the talking video is small.
I feel that humans are creatures who just want to confess something.
Prolonged silence causes illnesses such as somatic symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome, and somatic symptom disorders.
Recognizing that it is dangerous, it is the correct answer.


It is certain that there is a god.
And I also believe that there is a plague.
I think misfortune is a kind of connection.
And I have experienced realizing that the true nature of the plague is my relatives.
But when I asked the priest of the temple, his reply denied it.
Are strange spirits giving birth to illness?
Recently, I am considering apotropaic magic and ritual prayers.
I feel that a ritual like a demon exorcism is necessary.
The cost of demon extermination at a local temple is about $ 50.
However, if oneself does not change, life itself does not change, not mental illness.
I do not deny the existence of God that even if I ask God every day, this mental illness will not be cured.
I re-recognized this as an edge.
Everything has an illogical and undefined establishment.
There is a fact that human beings can live properly by being accompanied by pain, and human beings will not be allowed to live without pain.

Days of despair

Those who have no experience of mental illness will misunderstand.
If the mind is ill, the internal organs will be damaged.
And I feel despair about the psychotherapy that I can’t give.
It is a more troublesome problem than illness or trauma that can be completely cured by surgery.
Watching moving and interesting internet videos does not cure the physical symptoms.
Something irritating distracts the gastrointestinal discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome.
This is a matter of my own personality, and I feel that I have to shift from self-loathing to self-revealing desire.
If we can change from despair to hope, we may be able to completely cure mental illness.
You can have hope if a specific event that raises your potential occurs, but there is no miraculous theater in your daily life.
I can work for a short time with a feeling of stool, but I can’t think deeply about things or devise ideas.
It’s a surprising development, but laughing doesn’t alleviate mental illness.
After all, the best way to alleviate mental illness is to talk.
We end up with the result that there is no answer to the point where we talk.

How to overcome irritable bowel syndrome

Take with water-soluble dietary fiber, take sleeping pills and talk.
If you are lonely, just talk to someone while imagining it.
If you live every day with the feeling that you want to gouge your internal organs, you will only get stressed.
Have a psychosomatic medicine prescribe a sleeping pill, and if you have severe rectal constipation, go to a gastroenterology department and use a suppository.
Enemas can puncture internal organs, he said.

Measures to overcome somatic symptom disorder

Symptoms of somatic symptom disorder appear as a result of unconsciously continuing to absorb stress.
It is impossible to cure somatic symptom disorders with entertainment products.
There is no impression or social contribution to the product expressed in an active attitude.
After all, I think there is no choice but to talk about changes in human relationships and the environment.
You can record your own feelings with a voice recorder and share it on social media.