Is it exercise on the grass of Yoyogi Park on Sunday morning?

Is it exercise on the grass of Yoyogi Park on Sunday morning?

I received a notice of termination from the messenger company last Friday and made a job interview appointment with the delivery company on the way home that night
I did not receive a reply in a few days, so I went to a courier company in a typhoon and went to pass a resume
There is no excuse for having applied for a job just because it is convenient to have a delivery company in the neighborhood
I love the continuing blogs, photos, Youtube browsing and faith and feel the importance of continuing
I would like to say hello to the post office staff who are delivering in the typhoon, the staff of the temporary dispatching company and the store clerk of the convenience store with gratitude.
I went to register at a dispatching company this morning, but I declined to register for dispatching because the outline in advance and the contents of the registration briefing on the day were different.
On my way home in the typhoon I gave my resume to a nearby courier company and came home
It is to face the reality to do a light duty job or to select an occupation with experience, but we can not judge death as a criterion
It is never the same as the reintroduction of the hell after the week that is contrary to the public awareness that we originally want to do on weekends and holidays
I just ran through the rain of the typhoon and wet my whole body and I felt a little fever so I slept in bed this afternoon
Everyone works for various monthly payments, but everyone can reduce working hours by suppressing fulfilling their desires
But we still can not reduce working hours to pay for their own children and repay their home and car loans
You have to endure a day of desperate hope that you have a deadly eye and simple task and get a secure situation
This Sunday I went to Yoyogi Park with a road bike to exercise
There is an event every weekend on a square near Yoyogi Park, and there is an event of Okinawa this week and the public is eating Okinawa soba so deliciously
Because I was unemployed, I was walking around Yoyogi Park and watching people by side without buying even $ 5 of food
A large group was doing exercise on the grass near the front gate of Yoyogi Park
I think that the condition of the grass in Yoyogi Park is not beautiful and not an appropriate exercise park
Even so, the foreigners were doing exercise on the grass in Yoyogi Park
Top class rich foreigners who are not working or middle class people walk or picnic near Yoyogi Park every weekend
Tired working classmen are sleeping all day at home for work from Monday after the week
Middle-class people are tired of severe mental pain in the office and drink too much on Friday night
We control life in the social class state, and no one but us upper class can choose the freelance unstable position
If the poor people continue to suffer mental pain and physical damage any more, they will die someday
If I do not get out of the endless loop of this vicious circle, I will go like a robot for a lifetime and end my life with a robot-like existence value
You should not hate someone, but when you are accustomed we should make the best decisions and choose your own path of life
There is no choice but to look at the appearance of a rich foreigner, maybe the foreigner I’m looking for is not a foreigner in Japan
I would like to have a drink with foreigners in working class rather than rich foreigners living in Roppongi to discuss life
However, I understood that some foreigners were popularized like sheep and they didn’t notice a foolish thing
Foreigners who participate in the exercise of Yoyogi Park have become sheep that have stopped thinking just like Japanese people, even when they become muddy
How many people are religious and enduring long working hours?
I remembered the past I used to find work in the past on my way home today
After all, I realized that my current job hunting activity was the same as past job hunting activity, and I felt pitilessness in my own lack of growth
Now that I have vowed not to compromise my principles and claims, I have now compromised my job for economic stability
I have been aiming for a position of creator but I am trying to do a job that I do not want to do by losing to reality
Now I was trying to betray my past, I tried to repeat the route change and repented
People who believe that they can go to heaven someday if they continue to feel their mental pains will eventually choose the easy way
I feel that it is impossible to get out of this picture of hell unless I raise my name to raise my own value
I think that selling my own portraits to the world can provide the world with existing value
I live alone and can not have an obsessive attitude about life and death simply because I am not loved by someone
I want to leave Japan and find a new home country
I think Japan is not a good country for me because it is my own private matter and it is irrelevant for everyone
A Bulgarian who works as a photographer in Japan is a freelance and he says he likes Japan
Japan’s low status human beings in the slave society know the real face behind the evil Japan and I do not want to say that Japan is a wonderful country
I feel that I learned something like sacrifice because of the mud-filled exercise in Yoyogi Park
No one can stop a human ego who wants to feel a sense of fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment and entertainment because they can spend time and money

There are no convenient stories or opportunities in the world

I think that we should not show interest in casualty so as not to be deceived by advertising advertisements and taglines that look convenient
The dirty attitudes of the world make money by fooling others with words and letters
In the Japanese society where companies that violate the law cover, I am already ready to leave for overseas
I felt refreshed when I heard that a large amount of Japanese banknotes were issued and the Japanese government continued to buy stocks of Japanese companies and the nation’s economy was established
And I was able to clarify the questions I had felt so far
I’ll be wary of a major earthquake in the city center in the future that creeps up creepy, I’m going to leave Japan’s cities a few years later
I feel honestly the time of the end of the devastating Japanese companies’ sales results, and I have nothing but foreign countries in my head
I want to live on a world standard ignoring Japanese mass media
After all, foreigners who were exercising at Yoyogi Park do not like living in Roppongi
Their wealthy foreigners’ regular stay in Japan is for money
We Japanese people are happy to use convenient applications in the US, but Japanese people can only now become the food for the American consumer company
Not anger nor sadness My heart is blank and it might be pleasure for heretical children
I would like to aim for a standing position where I can have enough mental ability to exercise in the morning in Yoyogi Park on weekends
I try to silently see how unfaithful humans waste themselves to ruin

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