It is important to make a hobby work

Beware of foreign backpackers selling Japanese flag

I saw a white woman while I went home on a bicycle after finishing a job interview for a delivery company during the daytime on weekdays.
I was riding a bike on a slope and there was a signal a few meters ahead and it was a red light.
A messenger was waiting for a red light in front of me.
A few seconds later a white woman from the sidewalk talks to the messenger in front of her.
The white woman had several Japanese flags and was talking with a messenger while making a smile.
I passed by across the two.
I was wondering why the white woman had the Japanese flag.
A few days later I was surprised to see a certain Youtube channel.
The contents of the Youtube channel are those that introduce foreign affairs and I was surprised at the video title.
There is a story that foreigners who are backpacking in Japan claim to be physically disabled and sell the Japanese flag to earn travel expenses.
It was a white woman I saw just a few days ago.
It is rare that a white woman in Japan actually sees a scene talking to an Asian, and I have felt a little incidental.
According to a detailed story, Japanese tourists are actually scammed and earning travel expenses since last winter.
I actually witnessed that the messenger in front of me was being deceived by the white woman.
I used to have fraudulent experiences when I traveled to Paris, France.
It is useless to pick up because it is unnatural to talk to a suspicious person in town.

The reality is tough to think after finishing virtual training of FX for several months

I have checked daily forex charts and news without opening FX stock account.
It is important to experience, but I am cautious because I have a sense of crisis in foreign currency trading.
As a conclusion, I could understand that simple technical analysis is meaningless and it is important to judge the movement of the world situation properly.
The world exchange rate of the dollar against the dollar plunged as the United States imposed additional tariffs on China.
A few months ago I was planning to trade in foreign currencies to increase assets, but I was too optimistic.
I understood the importance of fundamental analysis again and felt that it was important to check daily world news.

It is important to make a hobby work

We make economic activities and earn a living every day while having various hobbies.
I strongly recommend that the general public convert his hobbies into work.
What makes me happy with my hobbies, but it is a fact that it is actually the food for the supplier.
We must not be slaves to our suppliers, and we have no obligation to pay for unnecessary goods.
I’m investing without buying and buying 100% return while the goods in the world are being bought and sold.
It’s a fact that people who like your favorite games are actually doing business on Youtube.
I don’t have a hard time sending out the video playing my favorite game, I think it’s just part of the happiness of life.
I have never paid high tickets and have been to a musical, museum or concert.
Buying a few thousand concert tickets and watching a few hours of music performance is a tragedy.
I would like to think of paying a few thousand dollars to stimulate motivation and turning off while taking a walk to a nearby park
I used to be a victim of the American entertainment industry.
You can’t make money just by being addicted to movies and music, and it’s important to break away from the consumer to the supplier.
Video gamers are just doing their hobbies.
It’s important that good music listeners actually become good music players.
However, it is difficult to act as a performer in the world of entertainment.
It is difficult for people in their twenties who are in demand to restart from their thirties.
We feel that it is important for us to become a supplier from the standpoint of a chronic consumer quickly and to conduct economic activities independently.

Food porn

One of the unnecessary things of human beings is fast food called food pornography.
People who are willing to pay for and eat fast food that is comparable to dock food are funny.
Victims of the food service industry are destroying mind and body like drug addicts every day.
Livestock pigs are given delicious food daily by humans, and pigs continue to stimulate their fullness center without thinking.
People who are only interested in quick acting pleasures have no thinking ability.
We should be vegetarians as Europe tries to reduce carbon dioxide.

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