It is important to serve with your own potential, information, knowledge and experience, etc


What we should invest in intangible intelligence and skills

Today I sold two single-lens reflex cameras, reference books and various camera equipment. I took care of spending some time to get a little more job, and I sold the equipment for living expenses. One thing I learned is that after all, what we need is practical intelligence and skills. Spending for clothes, cars and meals is a mistake, and the fact is that the most important investment object is not material. The knowledge, skills and experience necessary to earn money is important and the priority is education. I believe that some investment in education comes with sacrifices and that education is a resource for human beings and a lifetime weapon. There is not much dissatisfaction at all because the income I obtained by selling against the amount of purchased equipment is small but I have acquired enough skills and intelligence. I am confident that I quit my job last year and used my savings to invest in my own education and work hard. Investment is the way to get a big return of profit and it is fundamental to think about a long-term plan. However, it is not a good idea to study vaguely, but to obtain practical skills, knowledge, experience and achievements. From now on I need to read various books and listen to the success stories’ failures and it takes time to succeed.

It is important to develop skills that meet the majority of demand to generate money

I’ve only been doing work without skills. I feel sorry for myself trying to get a job and live without doing any effort and I still regret and reflect on the past. I feel like I was living by a fallen human being without being blessed with my family environment or the people around me. It is a fact that I grew up badly affected by living with a human who complains and does nothing to learn and do the same thing every day. I think life is never fair because no one can choose their own father or mother or siblings. We can change the environment with economic power. There is no doubt that spending money just for simple desires is wasteful and wasteful, and I think we should save money and invest in education. I understand the importance of waiting until I can make a big profit later without trying to get the immediate benefits. I have not yet obtained a return on the costs I have invested so far, but I believe that from now on I will always get a return. There is always a risk, but education and performance make the risk not a risk. I think that moving to a city from a local area in the country and sticking to job hunting are not a risk, but a decision to be a major investment for myself in the future.

I hate myself that I am pleased with financial success

I do not mind that my economic situation is bad, and I do not mind if the living standard of the people is low. I can not think that a bright future is waiting even if I repeat production activities without ending and I feel nothing attractive for continuing to fulfill my desires. I want to live on the side of something that makes me grow by receiving new events and stimuli every day. We understand that we want to get good results as quickly as we can, but we know that after success is anything but boring. While complaining against global environmental problems in the Nordic countries, North America and Northeast Asia have slogans on economic matters. I want to ask what they want more than this and I am satisfied with the current standard of living. I have begun to understand the meaning of human beings every year. My opinion and judgment are not correct and I will never push my philosophy against others. We have to be self-supporting to live quietly and politely There are many things you have to learn as you live in a capitalist economy. I think that recognition, awareness and enlightenment are faster than others because the time I am alone is so long. I think it’s fun to think about and worry about human life’s conflicting theme of what is right. I have the theory that everything has merits and demerits and no one can monopolize everything.

It is important to serve with your own potential, information, knowledge and experience, etc. I think that the evidence of existence meaning is economic activity and human activity. There are various tips and opportunities when you are alive, but it is important to make an effort and feel that it is important to start motivation first.

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