It’s hard to impress


It’s hard to impress

I want to create emotional movement.
However, the difficulty level depends on the intent to create.
If I come up with a good idea, I’m just proud of the work.
However, the progress of creation has been delayed due to daily life.
The world’s creator’s work theme is nothing but fun.
Why do they not express sadness or anger?
Every time I see Euro news every morning, I feel disappointed in the world.
We understand that the view of the world does not change due to differences in race and culture.
Modern photography, paintings, movies, radio and dramas are boring.
It can be asserted that the creations of people in the analog age are of very high quality.
He suffers from stress and universal boredom in the unrealistic continuity of depiction.

On the other hand, a teacher

I wake up at 5 o’clock every morning and paint.
And I am working while listening to the international news on Youtube.
But the news of all facts reduces the quality of creative activity.
Should I be creative while ignoring the latest world situation?
That’s not right.
I think bad samples play a role in stopping myself.
It becomes nervous to coexist with the real world where there is only such a bad sample.
If you don’t clean up your mind in the evening, you will soon get depressed.

Loneliness and envy

A lone creator must spend a life without love.
It’s all about the pursuit of masterpieces and art.
The price is very severe.
There is no doubt that emotional distress will strike the creator.
I could understand the story of life without love making people unhappy.
It is true that I am free from the relationships and stress of everyday life and social activities.
However, it is very terrible that there is always no love.
Especially the pain of intense envy is very painful.

Repeated perception, recollection and patience

It’s hard to commute to work every day.
However, it is also extremely painful to create while feeling the emotional pain of loneliness from the early morning.
It means that human beings cannot escape the pain after all.
And It is important for me to continue my creative activities without running away from this predicament, which is my current task.
I think other creators around the world are always struggling with their creative lives.
If they are able to do creative work without suffering, it is human activity and business, not creative activity.
I am thinking about various things from the creation site in summer, which is physically painful.

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