Deputy leader

Jack has the most physical advantage.
However, the incident occurred after taking office as a high school basketball coach after retiring from active duty.
Jack’s excessive Spartan education killed a high school student.
In the past, Jack, who was looking at the ideal image without looking at the reality, was really stupid.
Of course Jack wasn’t a believer at the time.
He was not obsessed with the style of basketball, but simply focused on winning or losing.
If he couldn’t qualify for the U.S. High School Championship, the high school basketball coach would have to retire.
Jack was a man with a typical professional sports spirit.
He is implicitly the deputy leader.
It strives to wisely lead the organization to make up for basketball incidents and divorces.
Pastors and Lee quietly watch the facts.

Temperament not to be nervous

I think Jack has the qualities of a matchmaker.
That’s what I feel as an author dealing with Jack.
Jack’s good mental control comes from his NBA era.
Lee is also a tough person as he trains himself under the pressure of the boxer era.
Only Jack and Lee can create so-called concentration in an instant.
On the other hand, I think Katy and Rafael are the members who tend to get nervous.
Unexpectedly, Rafael retains a poker face, but has a very timid nature.
Katy herself has done a great job as a member of the United Nations, but she sets herself as a typical cultural person.
Jack’s presence is a relief and yearning for nervous Rafael who carefully prepares before work and Katy who carefully inspects it.

Sport guts

Jack is from the American middle class.
Educated Jack has been a high school history teacher.
He was able to maintain the middle class in the United States.
The number of people who can become NBA players is limited, and it is one of the most popular sports in America.
His own excessive physical fitness is exactly his experience as an NBA player.
Human beings have a strong tendency to be involved in a genre that has achieved something big feat for the rest of their lives.
After all, successful experience is the vitality that human beings live.
I want to express the splendor of sports through Jack’s actions.

Jack has no intention of remarriage

Jack has a lot of power and calmness.
He became a Christian after he was dismissed by a teacher due to an accident in a basketball game.
Originally he was a serious man, so he could immediately understand the Christian teachings.
Reading the Bible makes it difficult to easily understand the content of Christian teaching.
Jack regrets his past mistakes and tries to regenerate his life.
So he’s willing to remarriage, and he decides to work for a group as a lifelong job.
However, Jack’s 45-year-old physical strength declines relatively quickly.
The reason is that Jack put an excessive strain on his body when he was young.
A person who actually made a physical failure at a young age has a hard time maintaining the physical body.

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