Japan is not declining birthrate

Japan is not declining birthrate

The news that Japan is declining in birthrate and aging is world famous.
But it is different.
I currently live in Japan.
You have the opportunity to meet people in daycare, elementary schools and supermarkets.
You can see the Japanese people there.
I feel that Japan is not declining in birthrate.
And rather, I feel that Japan has many children.
According to statistical data, the population of Japan has decreased by 500,000.
But you should think of the denominator.
The total population of Japan is 126 million.
It’s not a big deal that half of the population has fallen by half a million.

Countries around the world are not declining

I want the world population to decline.
However, demographic trends will change depending on human sexual desire and economic conditions.
Every time I see a noisy child, I remind myself that I am not eligible for marriage.
And few children have special talents.
I doubt investing my money in a noisy and selfish child.
For me, children are a mass of stress and a source of stress.
People don’t judge things in the long run, considering the future, and they don’t think constructively.
There are only unstable human feelings there.
You should only trust in things that are more consistent than insecure humans.

Pet animals

I have no pets and no plants.
It is to minimize unnecessary expenses.
He is a minimalist in order to concentrate on his creative activities.
People are unaware that they are burdened every time they desire.
I think there are too many people who have no restraint.
People who lament for wanting children are like pets.
A cute object is a child, who has to speak, rebel, and be forced into a guarantor of the child.
Having a child that can affect your life is a big deal.
The life of a human being who has a child who wants a dog or cat for $1,000 each will be a series of hardships.
As a lonely person, I stand by and watch their passion.

No child will be born as desired

Finally, we are pessimistically seeing a decline in population growth.
To be honest, Indians and Chinese should be contraceptive.
I think you should feel shy about the excessive population.
But every day tens of thousands of children are born in the world.
I want to cut their penis and improve their life.
So I want to convey the wonder of being immersed in something while living a lonely single life.
And stop fantasizing about your child.
It’s best to live without expecting a bad result.

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