Japan is not declining birthrate


Japan is not declining birthrate

I am a single man currently living in Japan.
It is a world-famous story that Japan is declining and aging.
Is it true that the number of Japanese children is decreasing and the elderly are becoming long-lived?
The answer is no.
I feel that Japan is not extremely declining.
My countryside kindergarten and elementary school are in operation, and during school holidays I can see a lot of elementary school kids playing outside.
I agree with the declining birthrate.
I am convinced that the phenomenon of population decline itself has a very positive effect on the global environment.
I feel pessimistic about a couple with many children and I don’t agree with their thoughts.

Do you seek food and drink until you die?

There is a pension problem.
I understand that it is difficult to live after retirement.
But can you be optimistic about non-productive days?
Living with insurance money and savings without working or working is uncomfortable.
Do 78-year-olds want to eat a lot of burgers, steaks and sushi?
I understand that there is a pension problem due to the declining birthrate, and I am willing to accept a poor life when I become an elderly person.

Sexual activity

As you get older, libido declines.
The loss of motivation for sexual activity reduces the risk of giving a child.
While there are in fact surrogate births that give children other than sexual activity, most people sexually make children.
Pleasure arises from sexual activity.
People who like sexual activity will have many opportunities to make children.
My parents are very fond of having sex.
It is self-defense to leave the position of parents who have a lot of sexual desire instead of work greed.


Japan has a population of over 126 million.
The population is very large relative to the land area of ​​Japan.
I think Americans feel like a kennel in Japan.
I don’t think it’s good to have a wide continental area, but because of the high density, there is a sense of closure.
Bangladesh, South Korea and Indonesia are also densely populated.
I am optimistic that the number of mid-career hires will increase as the Japanese population declines.
Like Canada, I think I should think about measures before accepting large numbers of immigrants in the future.

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