Japan Travel

Japan Travel

Japan is basically a safe country
When going out late at night, it is important to use the main street

Best time to stay

Japan’s climate is very temperate and humid
According to Russian testimony, Japan can not breathe air well due to the influence of high humidity in Japan
The best time to stay in Japan will be the winter of October-December and the early spring of January-April


Basically, events are held every week at Yoyogi Park
The best events are in Yoyogi Park in April and in the Meguro River near Shibuya.
Countdown live at Shibuya Station is the best for Japan’s New Year’s Eve events

Place of interaction between foreigners

Festivals and flea markets held weekly near Yoyogi Park
Roppongi Bar

A place with many foreigners

Shibuya’s scrambled intersection
Takeshita Street in Harajuku
Around Harajuku Station
Meiji Jingu Shrine near Harajuku Station
Yoyogi park
Akihabara Electric Town
Around Ueno Park
Aoyama Street

Background of strengthening the Japanese tourism industry

I think the main cause of the current Japanese industry is tourism
Japan’s industrial industry declines due to rising economic growth in surrounding emerging countries
There are no ads for Japanese technology companies in Times Square in New York right now
Japan, which can not equalize with the United States or China in the IT industry, is changing its industrial route

The existence of foreigners is a Japanese trend

Many Japanese are seeking foreigners’ lovers
It is easy to make a Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend
There are many opportunities for foreigners to appear in Japanese television programs
There are a lot of foreign jobs in Japan

Economic activities of people in each country in Japan

There are several kebabs of Turkish cuisine in the city of Shibuya
There is usually a kebab shop when the event is taking place
White and black office workers walking in Roppongi’s office district
There are food stalls of Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine and Turkish cuisine on Ameyoko Dori Ueno Station.

About 35,000 US forces in Japan live in Japan
Many Americans live in Yokohama, so if you want to communicate in English, it would be better to go to Yokosuka’s foreign bar

I think that the probability of being inconvenient to live on a trip to Japan is low
I just do not recommend summer travel in Japan
I think it is best to travel to Japan for the purpose of touching a wide variety of Japanese cultures
Not only simply enjoying entertainment but also learning from Japanese culture feels great to go back home and learn again
The fact that I traveled in France was to sharpen the artistic sense
As a result, after returning to Japan I was able to strengthen my drawing power and improve my drawing power

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