Japanese apartment moving procedures


Japanese apartment moving procedures

I think Japanese moving procedures are a little complicated for foreigners.
However, you can save money and move at a low cost.
I want to introduce it.

1 First, inform the lender that you will be leaving
Basically, the procedure for leaving the room is 2 months before.

2 Penalty payment for leaving the room outside the contract renewal date
Basically, contract renewal every 2 years
* No penalty is required for leaving the room on the renewal date.
However, if you leave the room on a date other than the renewal date, you must pay a penalty.
Penalty is 1 month or 2 months of rent and several hundred dollars for cleaning fee.
3. Contact the gas company, water department, power company, telephone office, and network company to cancel the contract.
Execute the cancellation procedure by telephone or online.
4 Submit a notification of moving out at the office 14 days in advance
At the same time, we will also withdraw from the National Health Insurance.
If the new house is in the same area and the same government office, it is not necessary, but visit the government office just in case.

5. Do you request a moving company or use a freight car?
If you want to move your luggage to the new house before the departure date, you should use a freight car.
Basically, the cost of requesting a moving company varies depending on the distance traveled and the weight of the luggage.
It costs at least $ 1500.
6 Return key to lender on leaving day

7 Submit a transfer notification to the new town office

The preparation period for moving is 2 months.
Use a freight car if you are moving at a low cost.
Unnecessary items for moving luggage should be sold to pawn shops and flea markets.
Anyway, if you move your luggage to the moving company, it costs a lot of money.

Sharehouses are the best for foreigners

The rental situation in Japan is complicated for foreigners in Japan.
I think foreigners who are familiar with the Japanese situation can use a rental apartment.
However, foreigners who have difficulty speaking Japanese should live in a share house where foreigners live.
In Japan, many foreigners live in a small apartment room.
I want to share because there are foreigners who actually rented apartments in violation of the contract.
And I wrote a blog post about this theme.

You should make close Japanese friends

A joint guarantor is required to use Japanese rental apartments.
However, in the case of Japanese, you can ask a company that acts as a joint guarantor.
This is convenient for people who have a guarantor but do not have a guarantor.
I actually rented an apartment from an agency.
However, you must provide contact information to relatives and companies to verify your identity.
For foreigners, this is probably a complicated problem.
For foreigners who do not have friends or acquaintances in Japan, it is important to first make close friends and acquaintances of Japanese people to become guarantors.
If you work for a Japanese company, you can have the company become a joint guarantor.

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