Japanese Country Tour

Japanese Country Tour

Hello, guys I would like to propose to foreign travelers
Tell you that I am not a professional travel guide
And I am not living in tourism business
I’m an artist and blogger but I want to guide
My language training and language study abroad are boring

Countryside in the Kanto region of Japan

1 Tokyo
2 Saitama Prefecture
3 Gunma Prefecture
4 Tochigi

There is also a countryside in the capital of Japan
Among foreign travelers in Japan, there may be a few who are thinking of moving to Japan
It is correct to investigate foreign affairs first with tourist visa
I think it would be wonderful to move to the countryside of Japan
However, the climate in Japan may be severe for Europeans because it is hot and humid

I am thinking of moving to the countryside of Japan
So I’m looking for foreigners who want to live together in the countryside of Japan
Recruiting friends regardless of gender
I do not have a marriage desire and want to do various human activities as a challenger
So any foreigner is fine


1 Send me an email
2 Interview with Skype Meeting of 3 plans
3 Visit to Japan
4 Meeting in the lobby of the airport
Determine compatibility with me in Japan for 6 days

Please feel free to email

you can follow me, if you want

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