Japanese English class


Japanese English class in Japan

Most Japanese can’t speak English.
Surely we Japanese know basic English words.
But Japanese can’t speak English.

So there are countless English classes in Japan.

A Japanese educational institution has a jet program.
It employs foreign teachers to teach Native English to Japanese elementary and junior high school students.

Why Japanese can’t speak English

Japanese can live by Japanese language

Japanese national character

Japanese environment
You cannot listen to English conversation in the Japanese living environment.
Parents and siblings don’t speak English, and the characters are only Japanese and basic English words.
There is a problem with the national character of Japanese people with a high group awareness and a closed personality.
Chinese and Korean can speak English, but their English is not native, and there is no requirement that their country can not live without learning English like Japan.
Language barriers are high.

English unnecessary

Language is the same as currency.
Language is as valuable as currency.
High value languages ​​are English, Chinese, Spanish and German.
Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world.
China has the world’s second largest economy and a population of 1.4 billion.
Spain can have markets in Latin-speaking Latin America and South America.
In other words, you can live by using those languages.

Japanese do not need to use English.
Japanese who think about the world market like me need to learn English.
Japanese who are thinking only about the Japanese market do not need to attend English classes.

Why the demand for English classrooms in Japan does not go away

For hobbies

For taking an exam

For international marriage

For international romanceI do not deny their purpose of acquiring various English.
But English is just a tool.
The Japanese who enjoys English conversation is probably a wealthy person.
It’s just a matter of being able to communicate without being attached to the language.
Still, there are many Japanese who go to English classes with a tuition fee of several hundred dollars a month.
There seems to be a high demand for lesson methods using videophone at home.


Language should be learned for business development

I have to work to live

There are many English classes in Japan, and many foreign teachers are recruited

I think there are only 2 patterns of Japanese attending English classes in Japan

Rich Japanese who can afford
Japanese who stopped thinking

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