Japanese hot spring

Japanese hot spring

Cool or Not Cool?

Well I think Japanese temperature sense are too much for foreigners.
And I remember when I got on a steam locomotive and headed for a hot spring in the mountains.
Also I remember eating too much on a hot spring pier and vomiting.
You can go to Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma by Shinkansen from Tokyo.

To the condition of prohibition of tattooing

But you can also enjoy the quietness of unmanned stations by local train.
I guess that the Japanese bath is different for the shower-style Westerners.
For Japanese who are very nervous about tattooing,
the sense of tattooing by foreigners is the opposite of Japanese customs.
The style of bathing naked for foreigners who wear bathing suits and enter the hot springs will be altered.
However, the Japanese don’t go to the hot springs wearing swimsuits.

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