Japanese summer


Japanese summer

Remember when I was studying and doing homework in the cool morning hours
I have never remembered studying or doing homework at home during the daytime in my previous experience
Air conditioning is essential in the hot, humid summer of Japan
However, poor I can not afford to use air conditioners

Japanese school summer vacation period is 1 month

Basically Japanese school summer vacation is short
There are school events for Meetup despite summer vacation
I think everyone is unhappy with the Japanese school system
I’m dissatisfied with summer vacation homework and swimming classes

Midsummer delivery

From now on I have to do delivery work in midsummer
I feel hot because I have to meet the summer work of hell
You can see how Japanese delivery workers are working busy every day

Comfortable time in summer in Japan is early morning or late night

In the case of Japan, the morning sun rises at about 4 o’clock in the early morning
I am shirtless and I write blog articles and meditate early in the morning

Essential drinking water

I can not drink delicious tap water when I live in the metropolitan area
So almost every day I buy paper pack drinking water at the supermarket
There are many types of ice cream and drinking water in Japan

Many people walk with umbrella under fire
There are a lot of people who carry their own water supply to prevent dehydration
The important thing in the basic housing situation is a house, apartment or apartment built in the shade
Drinking water vending machines covered the streets of Japan
So you can always moisturize your throat when you go out
The price of potable water sold at vending machines in Japan is roughly $ 1 or $ 1.95

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