Job career

Work time must short

There are two types of worker in society

What’s that?

Employee and Employer

Which is better? Tell me sutle.

Employee is slave with employer as blue worker

Employer is independence worker as owner or Freelancer

My answer is…


Let’s aim at becoming Freelancer

Employee is always murmur something in locker room or backstage of workplace. And then complain about campany’s excessive rules. Employee is hoping that lessing amount of work every time and never worry about campany’s profits.
In other hands Employer is always leaning passionately with work. They don’t care about weekend day-off.

  • Employee is work for living

    Employer is work for achievement

I had precious time with people for 8hours.
Also I had slave time with white color for over 8hours everyday.

Let Hobby to be occupation!!!!


  • Practical experience
  • Fit much emvioronment
  • Love
  • Peaceful
  • Smile
  • Faith

I love something and someone dead
thanks a lot
God bless us
yasunari kayama

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