Job hunting


Preparation for a new journey and the life philosophy I have cultivated up to now

This month I am about to get a job hunting job with a camera company in the city center and an IT related company. It is an absolute requirement to get a job at a company that can take advantage of the skills I currently have but I am not committed to absolutely getting a job. Since I was 29 years old I began to learn self-development and philosophy of life and I understand the meaning of life as myself and I am well acquainted with the essence of things. We must understand that the instincts and emotions that human beings are complicated and irregular, and we must think about the future life first.

Grasp the final point of arrival and your potential

Knowledge and experience become necessary to smoothly advance work. I have only three skill licenses for motor licenses and forklift licenses and first stage in judo. I have not had any skills or experience to get a high salary job so I have been thinking for a long time. If you work at a high salary you can shorten your working hours and you can make leisure time and fully enjoy your life. I judge that getting a good job is the most important thing in order to make life the best.

Currently my selection condition of employment and occupation

  • High salary
  • Creative job category
  • Forecasting the future and growing demand and catch-up supply

Ultimately, successful people who choose Freedom

I often self-enlighten by successful autobiographical books and seminar videos. After all, I finally found out the answer that humans are seeking freedom and rewarding. I think that as a condition to continue belonging to the company, it is a creative job category and working conditions are well prepared. It is true that low wages and simple labor work do not last long and it is true that no one wants to work in a bad condition if the human belief tendency is normal. I guess that a man trying to clean up things in clean words never thinks seriously of the real intention of life. We have to take as a fact that there is a pyramid called social composition and that social class exists properly. I am living with a sense of crisis that I must get out of the bottom class of the society of the working class from now on and I am convinced that if I do not live by planning my own life I will regret later doing. What we can not help each other is that each and every one of us can do with ourselves and life is cruelty of winning as soon as possible in survival. I donated $ 10 a month for food funds to NPO last year for 10 months but I have been doing charity activities with my best and not having enough resources. Just being empty, in particular I myself had absolutely nothing like spiritual rewards and fulfillment. People who live in developed countries are suffering as well as humans living in developing countries and there is no economic or spiritual leeway. I also feel human love is wonderful and I am enjoying delusions thinking that I want to live in the spirit world. It is important that it is important to distinguish between knowledge and emotion as one of the things that I myself are Christians and have learned from the teaching of the Bible. If you have money you can get freedom and you can donate more than $ 10 a month or more and you will be gentle with others and you will never get rich and want to wrestle.

The way of happiness of the 21st century type and the prospect of human supply and demand in 20 years ahead

  • Finance
  • IT
  • English

↑Keywords listed above are important items in the future in the 21st century

I am writing a blog in English that I am Japanese and should write blog in Japanese. That’s because I think English is a possibility and attractive language in the universal language of English. I sincerely wish people in the world to read my blog and I think that people who can make active in the world set to be the people who will need the future of the 21st century in the future. A few days ago I received a subscription request from a beautiful overseas woman and recently there was a request for subscription from overseas men from nice guys. I feel that it should judge and judge things in a super wide-angle view without focusing the field of view as a single focal point.

It is impossible to escape from the world of social media

I think that human demand for the future in the future is entertainment and epoch-making expression. Separately people will be satisfied with what they use for their daily life now. There is a car with a refrigerator, a bicycle, a microwave oven, gas, water supply and electricity There are all things necessary for living in modern society such as food, personal computers and mobile phones. I feel that what modern people want is like things like emotions and shocking encounters. I think that what is supposed to be supplied worldwide in the future may be a service.

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