Judo Grand slum in Osaka 2018

Judo grand slum in Osaka

An international judo convention will be held in Osaka this week. Judo is not mere sports, but for myself it is a martial arts fostering mind and irreplaceable. Every year the judo Grand Slam tournament and world championships are held in each country and it is understood that the sport of judo is recognized all over the world. Actually my judo history was only three years but it was thanks to judo that I was able to learn various things during the past three years. Oriental Techniques The judo of fighting sports is an interesting sport, and there are various factors that the evaluation is high in Europe, but as I think, curiosity from the difference of different cultures will be great. In judo Grand Slam competition, the total prize money is 100 thousand dollars, there is a part which is not amateur sports and there is a part which is becoming professional sports. The judo international convention can be easily seen on YouTube and the game is played at the monthly pace so you know its popularity. It seems that the judgment of judo quality got better worldwide from year to year after all thinks that the change of International Rule of judo is the biggest reason. Rules of old judo are various thin points of point system, for example, small points such as effect points and effective points met but now there are only two points, one with technique and one point. In the past there were three referees but now it is one person. You can feel that the world level has risen obviously when you are watching an old international convention and an international convention tournament. For young people it is recognized that the blue judo jacket and the white judo jacket are natural, but there used to be only a white judo jacket in the past. Traditional Japanese traditional judo tatami color was green and red, but now it is colorful and yellow and red are mainstream. Although classic judo was not able to be seen comparatively with wrestling type judo in old days, it is now prohibited to wait for Judo jacket by judgment of judo. In old days there is a style of old judo and I think it is interesting. For me, Judo’s greatest attraction is to make humanity grow through martial arts and it can be said that it is one of the modern sports which is a fighting sport that allows people to interact over a lifetime. This year’s Grand Slam championship of judo of Japan is done for the first time in Osaka and it is very fun.



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