JUDO world championship


25th aug 60kg men

This category is very hard for players I guess.
Georgian and Kazakhstan are goodness for this category.

25th aug 48kg women

Daria bilodid has made record to be most youngest world championship last year.
But she had lost last competition which is final match between Daria and french player.
I don’t know who is gonna be champion this category.

26th aug 66kg men

26th aug 52kg women

27th aug 73kg men

27th aug 57kg women

28th aug 81kg men

28th aug 63kg women

29th aug 90kg men

29th aug 70kg women

30th aug 100kg men

30th aug 78kg women

31th aug ➕100kg men

31th aug ➕78kg women

1th sep mixed team competition

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