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Junky foods

I can’t tell that everything like foods which have highly calories is but you know such a news value of celebrity’s sadness informations.

For example I heard that a biggest famous professional martial fighter was passed away since a couple of days ago and such a news is truly so many times in this era and when I hear such a news I just get started to be nervous and also try to remember of taking carefully of my physical condition, let’s be honest, we all people don’t wanna be die and I think usual people wanna be death of senility in further future at last.

I think the point of staying in safety life is coming from lifestyle and eating habits.

I can’t telling that you will never be able to eat delicious meals which you want to eat anywhere and anytime but at least we need to compromise some desire of food’s transitional to keep sustaining good physically and mentally condition for resolutions.

In my case, I am always afraid of getting cancer at sudden.

Always need to take medical check or medical treatment, absolutely not forget to do it.

Sufferance to preserve illness

Surely what to take patience for a while is becoming to our mental stressful in our mind.

In your mind, you may say it that I am about to go to eat big size and huge amount of delicious meals with family or friends.

Somehow  it has wasted money for that, you’ve already knew about that but you can’t stifle your own appetite anymore.

It sounds like that is modern people’s reason of increasing cancer or something like serious illness I think so that.

To all people who’s never going to stop appetite, I recommend them to watch the document moves of cancer of patient’s situation.

It’s just only first period for sufferance

changing is make it that everything is gonna be exchange.

How I change lifestyle is….

Just only three cautions

  1. Let inside of the refrigerator empty anytime to not allow pin eating
  2. Put a picture of your ugly whole body appearance on the wall of your room to make remembering your disappoint
  3. To compromise abandoning vehicle for eating out to not gain weight and bad nutrients anymore
  • I quit smoking since when I was 26 years old
  • I’m originally not drinking alcohol, sometimes I drink wine. That’s why I am a christian.
  • I don’t eat too much every time since when my stomach began to weak.
  • I never forget to prepare food appetizer for my stomach and everyday I’m taking variety of vegetable nutrients a lot.

Be afraid of illness!!

And acquire new healthy habit for getting much better.

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