Katy perry

Katy perry san

I don’t like such an arrogant comments and remarks in publicity very much.

The era of pop music that usual populous music comes from not rebel hearts or unsocial identities it is likely 70’s rock music scene.

The modern cultures and internet business yields a lot of creativity and quantized merchandises each year and that is true. In fact I can’t blind in front of monopolized internet applications everyday.

I listen occasionally to a song which I kiss girl by Katy is and her melody line is kind of skeptical for me.

I commend both of them for their good jobs and they still having sturdily populous and fans in this world.

  • Every legendaries were finally became a old person
  • Everyone is always getting old day to day and that’s natural system.
  • Could you image it that your icon will be disappearing in front of public stages at sudden cause of depress the number of proponents?

Gray hair, boobs out side, bend back, whatever you would say it that every person isn’t able to be younger than now. In fact I would have known about realtime’s most populous singer in us and I’ve already known her songs before check it out.

  • As foreigner’s opinion with her voice is that rather than other singer in this world.
  • But honestly I don’t want her to take part in TV show American idol as cast somehow.

It’s totally different between talent talk show and concert tour.

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