Kayla harrison

Kayla harison

Kayla harison is beautiful judoka

  • Unsurely the bigger topic of UFC that her debut was matched.
  • She is first olympic gold medalist +78kg and also two times.
  • It seems a famous ex judoka and UFC fighter ronda ronda is very popular than Kayla somehow.
  • As a criticizer of martial arts I can see that Kayla’s judo technic which locking arm, choking neck are is better than ronda’s. Besides ronda’s best judo’s result is blonde medalist in Beijing 2008.
  • I don’t understand why ronda was assembled UFC’s fans while a few years.
  • Exactly as you knew that her matches were totally good for fans and it was completed martial arts show.
  • It must be acknowledge match making by great coordinator.
  • But Kayla’s potential is willing to make great match show as good as legend matched in whole past.
  • I really wanna see Kayla’s biggest match soon.

Kayla harison is like ilias illiadis

  • Judo is very hardest sport as general people knows and it must be bear painful to whole body if you can play judo on tatami stage, wearing wrestling sport is judo.
  • Probably usual people may doesn’t know about him who’s name is Ilias Iliad’s and comes from Greece. He is the first olympic judo gold medalist in Greece and still be judo player.
  • Kayla is like him and always seem to try keep on training very hard to win I feel that.


  • How long have you ever seen great match on TV before?
  • Surely it’s very popularity sport boxing is easily to assemble audiences in big stadium and it can be make big business. As same old era that best and legendary boxer is Ali for me.
  • Times changed, other martial arts sports became to populous as far as I know and especially about UFC and WWE are.

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