Keep changing jobs

Keep changing jobs

It is an asset to continue to change jobs and gain experience

I have experienced various occupations and met various workplace colleagues.
If life is short and dead, it will enter eternal space. So I think you should do what you like.
Well I don’t want to regret it and I have no regrets to experience it. It seems that in Japan it is a virtue to continue working for a lifetime.
So I don’t understand Japanese virtues and sensibilities. I have sympathy for Western culture, and I cannot sympathize with the theory that Oriental philosophy and patience are virtue. Anyway, I want to feel my life and control myself and do what I like in society. Everyone wants peace and pleasure, but I’m not just seeking stimulation. I just want to challenge.

Wander abroad before changing jobs

I want to go to various countries and observe how foreigners live their lives.
And I want to feel the familiarity of mankind in the life of whites and blacks. Six years ago, I was able to make memories in Manchester, England for about 28 days. I still have the sad feeling that I can’t return to England again.
Well I clearly remember the psychological situation before returning to England.
I have a desire to live in England again but I can’t move to England. Therefore, the number of times of looking up at the sky with a sad feeling is reduced. However, every time I change jobs, I want to wander abroad and enjoy my life without regrets.
You know I simply quit chasing romance.

Abandoned my family, my children and my home and chose freedom

I don’t regret my choice. And I feel proud of living and working in the rain. I do not plan to make my family in the future and I want to feel free throughout my life. So I keep ignoring dating and I want to play myself. I feel comfortable working in a quiet night park and late-night coffee shop. To create a quiet space you have to be lonely and I can’t stand the stress of human relationships. The crowd’s thinking has stopped and I just believe in strength and daily efforts.

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