Keep changing


Keep changing

First I keep changing.

Experienced bullying in kindergarten students.

Behaved interestingly so as not to be bullied from elementary school.

I became an interesting person in the class.

I started admiring Jackie Chan when I was about 8 years old.
I quit drawing the popular comedians and comics and began training in Chinese martial arts.

At the age of 12, she sang the theme song of his movie and surprised her classmates.I started judo when I was a junior high school student.
And I started to practice judo after school every day.
Also I was also practicing at the judo club in town.
Well I was addicted to judo by giving a judo club videotape to a judo club coach.
So I ignored high school entrance exams and participated in judo competitions.
I entered the wrestling club in high school.

There was no judo club in my high school.

I tried to become a student vice president when I was in high school.
Weight loss for the first time due to wrestling competition.
I went abroad on an airplane for the first time as an international sports exchange member.
I abandoned my friendship and practiced alone for the world competition.
After failing to take the university entrance exam, he began to concentrate on his studies when he was 19 years old to enter university.

I returned home from Tokyo and studied English in the local countryside.
At the age of 25, he suffered a serious injury and encountered oil painting during his leave of absence.I ended up aiming to be a musician in Tokyo without going to university.
When I was 20 years old, I practiced guitar in earnest, wrote music and wrote lyrics, and sent monthly cassette tapes to the music office.
Without scouting at the music office, he gave up on the musician’s dream and aimed for a police officer.
I took the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Admission Test when I was 23 years old.
After failing the written exam, I gave up the dream of a police officer in three months.
After that, he began studying English because of his influence on Hollywood movies.
Eventually, I was attracted by the beauty of white women and started looking for interracial women.

I was communicating with overseas friends, studying English, and drawing.
At that time, there was a painting class in the local area, so I was studying painting, but there was also a French class.
When I was 27 years old, I stopped by a Christian church in the Brazilian town in the neighboring town and started to try cross-cultural exchange.
He was baptized and became a Christian and went to church to worship every Sunday.
When I was 28, I went to study abroad in England and fell in love with foreigners for the first time.
After studying abroad, I decided to move abroad and started studying English in earnest to gather information.Aiming to become a sushi chef, he abandoned the idea that it was not suitable for the restaurant industry and aimed for a painter.
At the age of 29, he was aiming to become a painter while searching for ways to move overseas.
I have been working on oil painting for about 5 years, but decided to give priority to overseas migration and quit my job as a painter.
At the age of 33, he gave up on moving to overseas and retired and began studying for web creators.After studying site management, I became a blogger.
I started posting videos on Youtube and started an internet business.
I started learning digital creation by purchasing SLR cameras and paid software.
I acquired various skills and became crazy about self-development videos.
After a one-year self-study period, I moved to the city to find a job.
However, because he could not get a good job, he gave up his job in the city and returned to the countryside again.


1. I have changed various situations so far.

2. I have the pride that I have changed my life myself.

3. I think that changing is natural, and not changing is unhealthy.

Maybe I may be bored and I am aware.

It can be affirmed that changing lifestyle will be a good stimulus.

I want to meet various people and talk to many people.

In order to change, I am used to repeating encounters and separations.

I don’t want to be a sticking person, and it will rot if I don’t change.

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