Keep fertilizing

Keep fertilizing

I do my daily work with the feeling that something is piled up.
The purpose of the work is to keep traces of daily work.
I feel freshness that the way of life of human society has changed with the coronavirus.
And people do not know that they are blessed with the opportunity to advance the humanization of AI.
Why continue to live in the old world without studying in the learning space at home or in the library?
After all, I feel that there is no credibility in the living of the masses.
1.I started full-scale animation production in November 2019.
2.I’m trying to keep fertilizing all the time.
3.I don’t think about pensions, insurance, debts, relationships or entertainment.
4.I think it’s okay to be homeless in the mountains of Japan in old age.
5.I feel right in the way of living and acting honestly.

Creative activities are like farm work

Asking for difficult problems and ideas is part of good work.
You should find a good living condition and be satisfied with your comfortable living conditions.
So it was only a few years after I became a Christian believer that I stopped crossing strange ideas and romance from reality.
I have the image of daily farm work.
And I don’t expect to see any success in this year or next.
However, I want to do my work without stress in everyday living space.
I’m reluctant to get results right away.
A few days ago I received a job change scout email.
It was about a Scout in Singapore, but I didn’t.
I am convinced that immigrating abroad is nonsense when I count back my life from a few years to my present point in the long run.
Everyone enjoys temporary activities and repeats the pattern of retiring in a few years.
Anyway, I think continuous and unselfish human activities are wonderful.

Morning and evening and night

The morning is the best time to do farm work.
Then run at noon and take a break until evening.
When I get tired of making animations, I write blogs and read the Bible.
It’s always fattening for your own benefit.
Part of the fertilizing work is relaxing time and asking yourself questions in a quiet space.
Unproductive time constraints are just the worst way of life.
Love poverty and make the most of free to keep fertilizing for your growth.
If you want success in life, you have to accept long-term battles.
And the point is to be able to endure physical and mental pain.
Most humans can’t stand the pain and fall on the path to success.
Recently, I’ve learned that making decisions on the surface is wrong.
It is not easy to do creative activities while managing the body and spirit.
There are situations in which mind control is definitely required.
Therefore, I am healed by the lazy attitude of the general public.
After all, good people may be determined by genes.
But I don’t want to give up my life and create a lazy situation, or live with dead eyes.

Bad crop for several years

I keep planting seeds in my field every day.
And I think it also includes my own simple self-satisfaction.
But I think the real reason is self-growth.
There is no reason not to give up as the bad weather continues every year.
If you give up, it’s the same as committing suicide.
So I’m afraid to stop my creative activities so I don’t have the courage to commit suicide.
And I’m always psychotherapy because I can’t make creative activities in a very nervous state.

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