Kill the joy


Kill the joy

It is important to suppress emotions.
Everyone knows it.
That is why it is possible to put an end to the situation by suppressing anger and sadness.
But why not suppress joy and fun?
This is a strange story.
Is it not necessary to suppress only feelings of joy and fun?
If you refrain from choosing joy or fun, your life will improve.
I think it’s because the strength of the will to suppress emotions is the power to move things forward.
I think that the ideal person is a person who is apathetic, numb, calm and boring.
In short, the problem is dealing with the suffering of the spirit of sadness and anger.
I get various outside invitation emails, but I don’t respond to them.
And I don’t want to break the current stability.
If you participate in another person’s easy case, you may hurt others.
The pleasure of creating and providing something is important.
The lazy attitude of continuing to accept and not making any offerings destroys life.
You should wake up in the afternoon sunshine of despair and prepare your mind.
If I immediately detect my laziness, I will go for a walk.
Then, after organizing things and problems in the park and getting a sense of normality, I go home.
Killing the joy ends up receiving even more joy.

How to suppress happiness

I don’t usually have happy stories or invitations.
It is difficult to ignore rare opportunities and invitations.
I haven’t reached the level of unknowingly killing joy.
With the work of reason for a few seconds, he refrains from joy and pays attention to severe problems.
It just repeats a series of steps to deal with joy with self-development with mental distress.
I’m not good at making smiles, so I’m good at making painful facial expressions.
The people around me, who are very good at expressing suffering and anger, run away from me.
And they leave my radius of 1 meter.
However, it is a unavoidable story to refrain from joy.
Those who continue to accept joy in front of them without hesitation continue to escape from sadness and anger.
I find it troublesome to work in the morning.
But I stopped my computer for a few minutes and sat down to calm myself down.
It is natural that the environment to create the best condition is not ready.

Get big returns by killing happiness and fun

Some people are eating delicious food while working in a shopping mall.
Every time I see a passive creature, I think about things.
If you are conscious of taking the next step, you can live with motivation.
No fun things.
Creatures that make you happy are no good.
No fun music.
I want to immerse myself in sad music, angry novels and movies.
Tragedy-themed creations save humans.
I’m fascinated that it’s an absolute fact.

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